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Daniel Sturridge Wife: Who Is He Married To? Relationship And Family

Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge is a former English professional footballer. He has recently made headlines. The talk is about an arrest warrant issued on October 13, 2023, for his failure to appear in a Los Angeles court over an alleged debt. Furthermore, many people have been wondering about “Daniel Sturridge’s Wife,” or, more precisely, his relationship status with girlfriend Jamilla Ferreira. Off the pitch, Daniel’s life has been similarly notable, spanning a long-term romance with model Jamilla Ferreira, family links in the football world, and current legal issues.

Daniel Sturridge’s Arrest Warrant

Daniel Sturridge was given an arrest warrant by a Los Angeles court on October 13, 2023. The legal saga started in 2021 when David Waggoner claimed he aided Sturridge in locating his missing puppy. Waggoner claims that he was promised $30,000 for his assistance but only got $10,000. Sturridge, on the other hand, has been silent on the subject.

Daniel Sturridge’s Family History

Sturridge’s family has extensive football roots. Mike Sturridge, his father, formerly played for Birmingham City and Stoke City. Furthermore, his uncles, Dean and Simon Sturridge, were no strangers to the football pitch. Growing up, Daniel supported Derby County, thanks to his uncle Dean’s involvement. Daniel’s backing shifted to Arsenal following Dean’s departure.

Jamilla Ferreira’s Relationship with Daniel Sturridge

Rumors and questions abound about “Daniel Sturridge’s Wife.” To be clear, Sturridge has been in a serious relationship with Jamilla Ferreira, a model by trade, since 2019. Their daughter was born as a result of their connection. Ferreira often shares images and videos of Sturridge on her social media accounts, highlighting their private moments.

Is Daniel Sturridge Married?

Many people are curious about Sturridge’s marital status. Despite being in a committed relationship with Jamilla Ferreira since 2019, there is no sign that they are married.

Daniel Sturridge’s Birthday

Sturridge celebrated his 32nd birthday on September 1, 2023, a year older. Jamilla Ferreira shared a peek of the private party on Instagram. A touching video of Sturridge and their daughter, Mila, was posted, as well as a candid image of the birthday boy with his cake.

Daniel Sturridge


Daniel Sturridge’s life has been in the limelight, from sports fields to personal issues and legal problems. He is now in a relationship with Jamilla Ferreira, however, the couple has not yet exchanged wedding vows. Fans and admirers of Sturridge are eagerly awaiting more information about his life and career as he confronts a fresh legal stumbling block.