Corgi Having a Tantrum Over Breakfast Wins Pet of the Week

From a rescue dog that got “caught in the act” watching TV to a dog’s hilarious reaction to Halloween decorations, pets have been bringing joy across the internet this week.

We’ve also been collecting our favorite pet pictures and videos for our Newsweek Pet of the Week line-up.

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Pippin the Corgi
Pippin the Corgi looking over the bed, left, and a picture of Pippin and his Corgi companion, right.
Karin Irvin

This week our Pet of the Week winner is Pippin, an 11-year-old corgi who was furious he had to go to the kitchen to eat.

In a hilarious video, owner Karin Irvin filmed the moment Pip made his feelings very clear about having to walk to the kitchen to eat.

“He had to go eat in the kitchen by himself. He and his brother have a sibling rivalry about getting attention,” Irvin told Newsweek. “He is very talkative. He will randomly grunt or audibly sigh.”

In true form, his “tantrum” was about being forced to move to get his breakfast. It wasn’t long before Pip headed off to get his food though, despite his initial protest.

“He is very food driven. I think he ate less than 15 seconds later,” said Irvin. “His brother, however, is attention motivated and will sit by his food forever as long as he get attention because he’s not eating.”

Hilarious Pip is a big part of the family, and his hilarious personality brings joy to Irvin and her children.

“He is very sweet and lovey. His sleeping positions are hilarious,” she said. “He is usually very well behaved.”


Jazz the dog
Sassafras, AKA Jazz posing for the camera. Jazz lives with owner Ada Gonzalez in Green Bay.
Ada Gonzalez

Our first finalist this week is rescue dog Sassafras, AKA Jazz, who lives with owner Ada Gonzalez in Green Bay.

“I rescued her from the Wisconsin humane society in Green Bay on June 27, 2023,” Gonzalez told Newsweek. “She was found as a stray in Green Bay when she was 3-4 months old. She has been fun, a handful, and a brat.”

A puppy through and through, so far Jazz has chewed two sets of slippers and the arm of her owner’s love seat.

A delightful ball of energy, she loves people.

“She loves her walks and interacting with people along our walks. She is very intelligent and inquisitive,” said her owner.

Jazz’s companionship became even more important recently when Gonzalez suffered a mini stroke.

“Jazz was at my side from the moment I got sick until my youngest son got here to take me to the hospital. I love her very much and I am blessed to have her as my puppy and companion,” she said.

Zara the dog
Pictures of rescue dog Zara posing for the camera. Zara is a one-year-old mixed breed who lives in Missouri with owner Elizabeth Stump.
Elizabeth Stump

Next up this week is Zara, a 1-year-old mixed breed who lives in Missouri with owner Elizabeth Stump.

“I adopted her as a puppy after I lost my beautiful golden retriever,” Stump told Newsweek. “Zara helped me grieve and gave me a reason to keep going.”

As well as being super smart, Stump explained that Zara is great at cheering her up. “I love her sense of humor. She always knows how to make me laugh when I’m down,” she said.

Oliver the Frenchie
French Bulldog Oliver who is currently recovering from knee surgery.
Linda Matthews

Last but not least this week is Oliver, a 3-year-old French bulldog who recently had knee surgery.

“He’s very lovable and playful,” owner Linda Matthews from Ontario, Canada, told Newsweek.

“His favorite activities are both running or swimming after his frisbee,” she said.

While these activities are on hold while he heals from his surgery, Oliver’s owner hopes he will be running around shortly.

“For the time being, his favorite activity is going for daily walks in his dog stroller, during which we usually stop in at the pet store for a treat,” she said.

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