Concerns Mount as Rapper NLE Choppa Goes Missing, Family and Management Launch Search

NLE Choppa’s mom is worried because she hasn’t heard from her son in a while, and she’s concerned for his safety. Angela Potts, NLE’s mother, came to Instagram on Friday to post various images of herself & her child over the years, begging people for aid in finding him. NLE Choppa was supposed to relocate back to his old neighbourhood in Memphis, Tennessee, to begin working on a mixtape, stated Potts, and she’s worried something occurred to him because he never spends an extended period of time without talking to her. “Y’all assist me pray for my child,” Choppa’s mother wrote. “He intends to return to Cottonwood, which we had fought hard to evacuate, just for the sake of a mixtape, SMH!” I haven’t spoken to this boy in hours, and this isn’t typical for him.

My son, on the other hand, does not go ghost for no reason.” “Whatever you’re working on, I pray GOD will guide you,” she concluded. Please notify ME IMMEDIATELY IF YOU HEAR FROM HIM! He wishes to express his gratitude to the fans. A message was also placed on NLE’s Instagram Stories as well as X’s (previously known as Twitter) profile requesting that people contact Potts if they have any information regarding Choppa’s whereabouts. On Thursday, Choppa retweeted a couple of year-old tweets from fans claiming he fell off and desired the “old NLE.” In reaction, the rapper issued a warning to anyone who believed he was losing his touch.

NLE Choppa’s Mother Angela Potts Is Anxious For Her Son’s Safety After Not Hearing From Him For Several Hours

NLE Choppa, a rapper from Memphis, Tennessee, who aimed to prominence after releasing the song Shotta Flow in January 2019, has gone missing, according to reports. Angela Potts, the 20-year-old’s mother, posted on Instagram on Friday, October 20, imploring people with k nowledge about her son’s location to contact her. Angela Potts, the rapper’s mother/manager, voiced her worries for her missing child, who has apparently been missing for hours, in a disturbing Instagram post. Angela stated that just before his disappearance, NLE Choppa planned to return to his former neighbourhood of Cottonwood Memphis, Tennessee, to begin working on a mixtape. NLE Choppa’s mother Angela Potts, who has remained a fan of her son’s since he initially showed his curiosity in becoming a rapper, believes it is out of character for him to cease replying to texts. She added, “Please assist me in praying for my child.” He intends to return to Cottonwood, which we struggled hard to leave, only for a mixtape SMH!

I haven’t spoken to this kid in hours, and he doesn’t typically do this. My son, on the other hand, does not go ghost for no reason. Angelas requested anyone with knowledge about the rapper’s locations to contact her. I hope GOD is guiding you in whatever you are working on. PLEASE CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY IF YOU HEAR FROM HIM! He wishes to express his gratitude to the fans. In 2019, NLE Choppa launched his first album, Cottonwood, in which he was shown returning to the proverbial gun-strewn neighbourhood. While going down the street, he declares to the world that he is a “gun-toting/drug-loving rude boy” who does not care what other people think. Cottonwood 2 was released in April 2023, following the popularity of his first album. Choppa was supposed to appear in San Antonio on Monday, October 23rd, according to the Source.