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Chantel Everett 'looks so different' as she teases 'amazing' break-up glow

Chantel Everett’s new look has been noticed by The Family Chantel: Final Chapter fans. As the new TLC season looms, many say she is displaying an “amazing” transformation following Chantel’s divorce from Pedro. She “looks so different” but what plastic surgery has Chantel Everett had?

The Family Chantel: The Final Chapter is set to dive into the drama as Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett face a serious break-up. She tells him, “You know what you did, Pedro,” before producers ask him if he cheated on his now-estranged wife. But it’s Chantel Everett‘s new look that fans have noticed.

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Chantel Everett’s ‘new’ look

Fans of Chantel Everett say she looks “amazing” after she decided to “fight” in the wake of her split from Pedro Jimeno, after six years.

When she attended a Women Evolve event in September, many took to the comments to remark on how different Chantel looks. They also couldn’t help but notice her transformation during a trailer for the show.

One fan said: “Chantel, poor thing, she looks good though.” Another wrote: “Chantel, you are very beautiful. Unfortunately, you did not read the signs Pedro was just boyfriend material, not husband!”

Chantel addresses plastic surgery rumors

Chantel Everett has addressed rumors about her appearance. She revealed that she got Botox on her forehead and between her eyebrows on The Family Chantel, and says she has not had any surgery on her body.

However, she was open about getting laser hair removal done, as shared in an Instagram video. When a producer tried to confirm if Botox is the only work she’s done in the past — she simply smiled sweetly.

She then replied, “I don’t want to say things that don’t matter.” Chantel has blamed her changing breast size on her weight fluctuation and claims they are real and natural.

Pedro and Chantel’s divorce

During The Family Chantel: The Final Chapter, Chantel says that Pedro “knows what he did” before he is asked by producers if he cheated on her. He is then seen shrugging and looking down.

Chantel and Pedro didn’t see each other for nine months during their divorce, which she described as the “hardest time in her life”. She claims in the trailer that he was sleeping with another woman.

The divorce is still ongoing, InTouch Weekly reports. The two officially separated in April 2022 before Pedro filed for divorce one month later, claiming their marriage was “irretrievably broken”.


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