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Bachelor in Paradise fans pick a side over Will, Olivia and Kylee love triangle

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The Bachelor’s spicy spin-off show Bachelor In Paradise is back for its ninth season in 2023. Jesse Palmer exclaimed that the beach is officially open as of September 28 and there are singletons very much ready to mingle on the ABC show. One of the contestants looking for love is Will Urena. So, let’s find out more about Will including his ethnicity, age, hometown, and more.

Former cast members of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are having a second shot at romance in the all-new season. Exes Katie Thurston and Blake Myones are reunited and former leading stars of the show including Rachel Recchia attempt to find love in Mexico.

Will Urena’s ethnicity

Bachelor In Paradise star Will Urena rose to fame as a contestant on Michelle Young’s Bachelorette season 18 in 2021.

At the time, he was 28 years old and worked as an Academic Interventionist.

Will didn’t make it to the final of Michelle’s season. She ended the show with Nayte Olukoya. However, Will is back and this time he’s looking for love on the beach.

The ABC star has roots in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

His hometown has previously been listed as Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Will wishes his mom a Happy Mother’s Day

In May 2022, Will took to TikTok to wish his mom a Happy Mother’s Day.

He shared a selection of snaps of his mom and family and wrote in the post’s caption: “#dominicanmomsbelike,” and “latinostiktok.”

Will is one of three boys and dedicated a sweet post to his mom, writing that she’s his “world.”

BIP star ended up in a love triangle

Judging by Will’s TikTok page, he’s looking for a “Latina” girlfriend. However, he could end up with zero girlfriends following Bachelor In Paradise’s first episode.

After kissing Olivia during episode 1, Will was later asked on a date by Kylee. He proceeded to go on the date without mentioning it to Olivia which caused some raised eyebrows among his cast mates.

However, Twitter has spoken and viewers of the show voted that they didn’t think Will did anything wrong by going on his date with Kylee.

An account asked in a Twitter poll: “Did Will owe Olivia a conversation before accepting the date Kylee?”

While 13.5 per cent of people replied “yes,” 85.5 per cent said no.

However, even more fans have taken to social media to share memes about Will potentially being “dropped” by Kylee once her “dream man” Aven arrives on the beach.


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