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90 Day Fiancé star's 'boyfriend' has 'opened eyes to a different world'

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Kalani Faagata and her husband, Asuelu Pulaa’s, journey in attempting to repair their marriage has been documented on 90 Day Resort. The all-new 90 Day spin-off show’s first season dropped this year and, despite it being created with the aim of reconciliation, one 90 Day Fiancé star is said to have a “boyfriend” named Dallas.

90 Day Fiancé season 6 stars Kalani and Asuelu met in Samoa when she was working in a resort there. After meeting, Kalani became pregnant and the two welcomed their first child together in 2018. They married the same year and welcomed their second son in 2019.

90 Day Fiancé: Meet Kalani’s ‘boyfriend’ Dallas

During 90 Day Last Resort, Kalani talks about a man she had a “Hall Pass” with named Dallas.

He reportedly works as a security guard and has plans to “move in” with Kalani, writes InTouch Weekly.

Despite appearing on Last Resort with her husband, Asuelu, Kalani is said to have been seeing Dallas Nuez since December 2022.

Kalani nor Dallas have confirmed the status of their relationship.

Her relationship with Asuelu

Kalani, 34, Asuelu, 27, and their sons, Oliver and Kennedy, are all taking a therapy vacation on 90 Day Last Resort season 1.

The family is appearing on the show in a bid to save their marriage.

However, Kalani said in episode 10 that the couple’s whole relationship had been rocked by infidelity from the beginning.

Because of this, Kalani had a “Hall Pass” and later reconnected with Dallas.

Speaking to the other ladies on the show, Kalani said: “I unblocked the other guy and then he texted me to come see him and I spent the night there.”

90 Day star’s ‘eyes are opened’

Kalani’s decision to meet with “the other guy” comes after many years of trying to make her marriage work.

She said on the show: “With Asuelu I just cry all the time.”

The Irvine, California native said that she’d been trying to make her marriage work to “keep the family unit together.”

Speaking in episode 10, Kalani said she “did her best to focus on her marriage,” but, after sleeping with Dallas, she added her eyes have been opened to “a different world.”

She continued: “There’s effort there that there’s never been with Asuelu.”

After Kalani’s night away, Asuela said that he was feeling “sad” and had no idea where she had spent the night.


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