Over 300 casualties recorded in Nagorno-Karabakh fuel depot explosion

At least 20 people died, and another 290 were injured when a fuel depot exploded in Nagorno-Karabakh, the health ministry of the South Caucasian region said on Tuesday morning.

The ministry said people were taken to hospital with varying degrees of injury after the explosion on Monday evening.

It is unclear what caused the explosion in the Armenian-majority region, which was militarily defeated by Azerbaijan last week.

The health ministry said seven people taken to hospital had died by Tuesday morning.

In addition, it said 13 bodies had been recovered from the accident scene, while dozens of injured people were still in mortal danger.

Following the explosion, the authorities initially spoke of at least 200 people injured.

Large flames could be seen in photos posted on social networks.

The region’s human rights office appealed to the world community to urgently fly out people for treatment, especially those seriously injured.

“Nagorno-Karabakh’s medical capacity is insufficient to save people’s lives,” said the message posted on X.