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Gordon Ramsay compares Kitchen Nightmares diner to gory horror movie

Bel Aire Diner in Astoria, New York, features in Kitchen Nightmares new season premiere. Gordon Ramsay tears up Bel Aire on the show, comparing the kitchen to a scene out of a horror movie. So, where is the diner now? We’ve got all the gossip from business owners Kal and Peter…

Gordon Ramsay‘s Kitchen Nightmares hits FOX on September 25. The world-renowned chef uses his harsh advice to bring the restaurant back to a thriving business. However, this time round, Ramsay “tears up” the kitchen and discovers where they keep a rare food order – like coq au vin – in the kitchen.

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Bel Aire Diner on Kitchen Nightmares

Bel Aire Diner is compared to “a scene out of Saw” by Gordon. The FOX show sees Gordon Ramsay give Bel Aire’s basement meat freezer a brutal edit, while Gordon aims to heal a rift between the two brothers.

It is a family-run business crumbling under dysfunction. With their parents retiring from running the eatery, brothers Kal and Peter are urged by Ramsay to work through their own emotional conflicts.

In order to save the flailing restaurant, their makeover took place in May 2023. When the waitress gives him a few minutes — “or an hour” — to review the pages and pages of options, Ramsay is shocked.

Gordon Ramsay ‘tears up kitchen’

After Ramsay commits to a hand count of just how many appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts, he “tore up the kitchen,” the business owner revealed. He also tells staff to “stop lying” to him and his mom.

Ramsay, in the season premiere, will go on to note that no one restaurant can possibly make that many things well. He also asks where they store components for rare orders, which doesn’t go down well.

Astoria’s Bel Aire Diner co-owner Kal is “terrified” to have Ramsay there. He is “most worried about the chicken” [found by Ramsay] and has since reiterated that, “When stuff goes bad, it gets chucked out.”

Where the Astoria diner is now

Bel Aire Diner’s owners are now a “better business” after Gordon’s visit. Although they “didn’t think they were a nightmare” at the start, the experience “did bring us special together.”

They said they are “definitely a better business after the whole situation, for sure.” At the beginning of September, the New York restaurant launched its new menu, including weekly specials.

One of their new dishes is the ChupaCabra Burger, which includes jalapenos, cheddar, tomatoes, salsa verde, and beef, served on a rustic roll topped with a sunny-side egg.


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