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All Star Shore stars spark 'jealousy' and tease romances – 'opposites attract'

All Star Shore is back in 2023 with its second juicy season. Set to be filled with drama, romances, showmances and “jealousy,” Marnie Simpson and Chantelle Connelly caught up with Reality Titbit ahead of season 2’s release on September 25.

Spending years partying on Geordie Shore had to have put Marnie and Chantelle in good stead for the amount of drinking that appears to take place on MTV UK and Paramount+‘s All Star Shore in 2023. The ladies of Newcastle-upon-Tyne mingled with the likes of Melinda Melrose and Vinny Guadagnino in the series and competed for a $150,000 cash prize as well as global bragging rights.

Chantelle Connelly poses side on wearing bikini and sarong for All Star Shore season 2 promo
Credit: Paramount+ Press

Meet All Star Shore’s Marnie and Chantelle

All Star Shore’s season 2 cast is made up of famous faces from a variety of reality TV shows including Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore, Germany Shore, Acapulco Shore, Rio Shore, F Boy Island and Too Hot To Handle.

Marnie and Chantelle are both Geordie Shore stars. While Marnie joined the show in 2013, Chantelle was added to the cast of Newcastle residents later, in 2016.

Speaking to Reality Titbit, Marnie said that she “loved” the All Star Shore “version of Chantelle.” She adds: “She was just so free, and had such good energy…”

Geordie Shore stars weren’t always friends

As some Geordie Shore fans will remember, Marnie and Chantelle weren’t always the best of friends in their younger years.

Going into All Star Shore season 2, Marnie said that she found it “daunting” and that she was “nervous.”

However, learning that a fellow Geordie Shore star was joining her on the MTV series actually put her at ease.

Speaking to Reality Titbit, Marnie said: “We’ve came a long way since the Geordie Shore days. We both became parents, we both have sons, we have a lot in common now.”

Chantelle added: “If anything, it was the best thing that could have happened for me, Marnie being there.”

Chantelle ‘got a lot of drama’

During the Geordie Shore stars’ time on All Star Shore, they faced “jealousy” from some of the other contestants.

Chantelle said to Reality Titbit: “I did get a lot of drama, but I speak my mind and there’s going to be a lot of haters.”

She added that a lot of reality TV show stars “think about camera time.”

Speaking of the season 2 drama, Marnie said she felt that a lot of people on the show “didn’t like” Chantelle’s free-spirited side.

Chantelle added that she and Marnie “got the camera time,” and that others “didn’t like it.”

Mum of two Marnie also said she felt “people really hated that we could still party and then still go out the next day and smash the challenges.”

All Star Shore stars tease season 2 romances

When asked about whether any romances or showmances formed in All Star Shore season 2, Marnie replied: “There was a few… some real and some fake ones.”

The Geordie Shore star added that it was “really entertaining” for her as she “watched it all unfold.”

Marnie, who married husband Casey Johnson in 2023, teased of the new season: “Opposites attract.”

Chantelle added: “My God, do opposites attract on that show… the real ones lasted from the minute they begin to the very end…”


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