Abia: Governor Otti vows to tackle kidnappers, other criminals

Governor Alex Otti’s government says it has adopted a strategic approach to tackle security challenges in Abia.

Information commissioner Okey Kanu said this during a briefing on the outcome of the State Executive Council at the Government House, Umuahia.

He said the administration was focused on tackling security challenges in Abia to create an enabling environment for investors.

Mr Kanu said Abia had enjoyed an appreciable level of peace since the inception of Mr Otti’s administration.

“The state government is taking deliberate actions to ensure that the state remains peaceful and stable,” said the commissioner.

Mr Kanu described security as a vital component of the government’s rebuilding agenda and added that the government was utilising strategic investments to tackle security challenges in Abia.

“Government has been trying to create an enabling environment to make businesses thrive, trying to ensure that those factors that create insecurity are avoided. Government is making the right investments in the right areas to ensure that there is security,” stated the Abia commissioner.

He added, “When government provides appropriate infrastructure in the state, what government is doing is to attract investors that will invest in the state and create employment opportunities for the people. We believe that through that strategy people are gainfully employed in one way or security on the other hand issues of insecurity will be reduced.”

Mr Kanu said the government was determined to rid Abia of crimes.

Macdonald Uba, Mr Otti’s special adviser on security, said the government was committed to ridding Abia of criminals. Mr Uba said the administration was desirous to transform Abia into the best in all ramifications. He added that there must be security of lives and property to achieve it.

Mr Uba added that the government had recorded significant success in addressing the issue of insecurity, which had bedevilled Abia since the administration’s inception.

The special adviser explained that the Abia government launched ‘Operation Crush’ to tackle insecurity and added that the programme had yielded results.

He explained that the government had demolished criminal hideouts in Lokpanta and embarked on a campaign to install street lights to ensure no criminal hideouts in Abia.