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Here’s how much it could cost you to contest as an independent in next year’s elections

IEC political party funding report 2022 1

As the 2024 national elections draws closer, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has released its list of proposed deposits for parties and independent candidates wishing to compete in the elections.

The amounts and updated regulations were published for public comment this week.

How much will a party pay to contest all elections?

They include R300 000 for parties who wish to compete in the national election and all regional elections, and R200 000 plus R25 000 per regional election, for parties wanted to contest national and at least one regional election.

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Parties who want to contest in provincial legislature elections will pay R45 000 per election.

What if I want to go it alone?

Independent candidates will be allowed to contest national elections for the first time next year.

Under the proposal, independent candidates who want to contest regional elections for the national assembly will have to pay R20 000 per regional election.

Those who want to compete in provincial legislature elections will have to pay R15 000 “for a legislature in a province in which the independent candidate is registered”.

The IEC said the deposit for independent candidates must be different to the deposits required for political parties.

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It said the cost was to “minimise frivolity and to establish contestants who are earnest in their participation”.

“This in turn enables the Commission to make proper arrangements for the exercise of the right to stand for public office.”

Those who want to comment on the proposed deposits must do so before 27 August 2023, via electronic submission to [email protected].