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Botched's 'human Ken Doll' and 'plastic sugar baby' are living their best Barbie lives

Botched season 8 is hitting screens on August 3 with a new batch of patients, but where is the cast of season 7 now? Here’s a 2023 update.

Botched is returning with a brand-new season of extraordinary plastic surgery cases. Whether they’re plastic fanatics or victims of traumatic experiences, Drs Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow are on-hand to remedy the procedures gone wrong.

Patients include a woman with a “substantial hole in her face”, and another growing a “little bum” on her foot. It will be a refreshing change from season 7’s implant lovers who have splurged hundreds of thousands to achieve their distinct doll looks.

With the Barbie movie trend raging on social media, Reality Titbit looks into where last year’s Human Barbies and Kens are in 2023.

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Where are Botched season 7 patients now?

Justin Jedlica

Botched icon Justin Jedlica, aka the human Ken doll, returned to the series for the third time to show off his eight-piece leg implant surgery. If you’re not familiar with Justin, the 42-year-old is known for designing his own implants to achieve the Ken doll’s muscular body – without stepping foot into a gym.

Justin wasn’t looking to fix the leg implant, he simply wanted the doctors to praise his innovative implants.

Since January 2022, Jedlica has starred in the reality series, Men Of West Hollywood, alongside other California-based male socialites. Cast members include Ex On The Beach‘s David Barta and Murray Swanby.

He is currently up for a 2023 American Reality Television award as the show has been nominated for Best Guilty Pleasure Show, against the likes of Love Is Blind and Vanderpump Rules.

Amid the Barbie hype, Justin is soaking up the attention as the most famous Ken doll IRL through various interviews and shows.

Tyler Dyvig

Justin’s friend and fellow plastic implant lover, Tyler Dyvig, appeared on episode 10 with a frustrating bicep implant. The right implant “didn’t feel as well incorporated” with his body as his left arm and wanted Dr Dubrow to place the implant “where it should be”.

Unfortunately for Dyvig, 24, Dubrow suggested he remove the implants completely as his body “was having issues” with the foreign objects. The doctor even warned that he could flip the rogue bicep implant “in two seconds”.

The influencer did not have the implant fixed and left with the major decision to quit his body modification journey altogether.

As of August 2023, Tyler boasts over 46K followers on Instagram and he is a certified nurse practitioner. He chose the career to educate others about the dangers of black-market injections after a Brazilian butt lift led to a near-death experience.

Serena Smith

Serena, a transgender singer from Canada, hoped to double her breast size and fix her animation deformity, a condition in which the shape of the augmented breast changes when the pec muscles are flexed.

Dubrow admitted he would only enlarge the breasts to a total of 600cc, instead of her desired 1000cc, and correct her breast deformity without causing further issues.

Smith left the clinic with no procedure as she was set on getting 1000cc.

One month before her episode aired on E! Entertainment in February 2022, Serena told an Irish radio station that she had surgery coming up that finally allowed her to have 1000cc implants – about one liter – in each breast.

In 2023, Serena is living her best life as an influencer with over 23K Instagram followers. Her most recent music release, titled Lover Girl, dropped in October 2022.

Hurricane Garrett

Hurricane Garrett featured on episode 5 with hopes of enhancing his already-plump pout. The sugar baby, known as Sugar Baby Ken, visited Dubrow and Nassif with 10cc of filler. However, he wanted permanent implants to double the size and avoid “getting poked” by further injections since he was losing sensation in his lips.

The OnlyFans creator desired to keep his sugar daddies happy with his new lips but the doctors advised against implants since he would risk cutting off the blood supply and potentially “lose the outer layer of his lips and skin”. Garrett walked away without going under the knife but was still determined to increase the size.

2022 reports claimed the professional sugar baby was a millionaire thanks to his job raking in over $50,000 per month. He also boasts over 13K followers on Twitter and charges $17.99 for his OnlyFans subscription.

He was allegedly working on his own reality series and is in the process of transitioning to “look like a cis woman”.

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