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Big Brother fans convinced iconic housemate will return with cryptic clue

Longtime Big Brother fans will know exactly who The Meow Meow is. But, for any viewers just getting acquainted with the CBS show in 2023, the reference to “Meow Meow Enterprises” in season 25 may be quite confusing. The BB25 theme is “expect the unexpected,” and following the “break-in” segment featuring Big Brother alumni, fans are left wondering what will come next.

All 17 houseguests are getting settled into their new home for the foreseeable future following August 2’s episode. This year, marking the show’s 25th season, the contestants are set to live in the Big Brother house for a whopping 100 days – the longest duration in BB USA history.

Enzo from Big Brother: All-Stars AKA Meow Meow
Photo by Michael Hartz/CBS via Getty Images

What is Meow Meow on Big Brother?

The Meow Meow is a former Big Brother contestant’s nickname.

Enzo Palumbo explained how he became The Meow Meow on the CBS show.

He said that there was once a drunk woman in his car who “farted,” and afterward she “tried to blame it” on him and then said: “Whatever, meow, meow, meow.”

The nickname didn’t catch on instantly, but after some time he and his friends decided to refer to him as The Meow Meow.

BB25 Meow Meow reference causes frenzy

As viewers enjoyed the Big BRother season 25 premiere on August 2, they took a walk down memory lane as three former cast members of the show made an appearance.

Frankie Grande, Britney Haynes, and Danielle Reyes ‘broke in’ to the BB25 House and brought a time laser with them.

As their plan goes wrong, Frankie Britney, and Danielle start to panic as the machine malfunctions.

They reveal that the time laser has come from “Meow Meow Enterprises,” which causes a frenzy among BB fans.

Lots of viewers took to social media thinking that the reference could mean that Enzo was making a return to the show.

One fan commented: “Meow meow enterprises better not mean that Enzo is coming in.”

Another tweeted: “Can’t wait to see these twists…hundred days? What a long season. Can’t wait! Loved seeing my favorite Brittany! Meow Meow Enterprises…dang you Enzo!”

Who is the 17th houseguest in 2023?

The most unpredictable season if Big Brother is officially underway.

As the four universes took over the BB25 game, the show’s seventeenth contestant hadn’t yet been revealed.

After the Meow Meow link, fans were hopeful that the remaining houseguest to be revealed would be Enzo.

However, it was revealed as being another season 25 houseguest’s mom named Cirie Fields.


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