2-year-old Stops Breathing on Delhi-Bound Vistara Flight Latest News

Recently, a shocking incident happened on Delhi-bound Vistara where two years stopped breathing. Yes, you heard right a two-year-old child stops breathing and this news is rapidly circulating on the top of the news channels. This news attracts the interest of many people who are showing thier curiosity by hitting the search engines to know more about this incident. Lots of questions are arriving in people’s minds related to this and everyone wants to what happens after the child stops breathing, so we made an article and shared whole details.

2-year-old Stops Breathing on Delhi-Bound

On a flight from Banglore to Delhi Vistara, a two-year-old child stopped breathing after which the flight diverted to Nagpur. There are five doctors were also traveling on that flight and they stepped in to help the child. This incident happened on Sunday 27 August 2023. This news was confirmed by AIIMS Delhi and they also shared that the five doctors saved the life of two years old child. Due to this medical emergency, the flight was diverted to Nagpur, and the child who was suffering from a hemodynamic condition was handed over.

2-year-old Stops Breathing on Delhi-Bound Vistara Flight

The two-year-old child was a female daughter who was operated on outside for intracardiac repair and was unconscious and cyanosed. The AIIMS Delhi also shared some pictures of those doctors who saved the life of a two-year-old child. The five doctors’ team was returning from the Indian Society for Vascular and Interventional Radiology (ISVIR). They added the pulse of the child was not working and the hand was also cold. It was a very critical condition for the doctors but they saved the life of the child. The child had cyanosed lips and fingers. Some sources claim that the child was a male but some claim that the child was female. It is confirmed that the child is now alive and it is important.

Our sources are on the way to gain some more details about the child’s family and the five doctors who saved the life of the two-year-old child. It was very hard to save the life but the doctors gave thier best and made it possible. Recently on Friday, one more incident happened similar to this when a  Jabalpur-bound flight operated by Alliance Air. It made an emergency landing at the Jaipur airport when a 52-year-old male passenger fell ill and the passenger’s blood pressure started dipping and rushed to a nearby hospital for a check upon landing. Stay linked to tp get more articles.