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Zach Avery’s ex-wife Mallory Hagedorn is currently where?

We cannot even begin to understand what it must be like when the person you love most in the world and the father of your child are arrested, convicted and sentenced to prison for fraud. When Mallory Hagedorn’s husband, actor Zach Avery, was jailed and charged with numerous counts of wire fraud in 2021, she happened to endure the same horrific ordeal. The incident is detailed in the ABC documentary The Con: The Hollywood Mogul Con, along with the impact it had on Mallory and the couple’s child. We have information for you if you are interested in this case and want to know where Mallory is right now.

Who are Zach Avery’s child and ex-wife?

Mallory Hagedorn, Zach Avery’s ex-wife, earned a degree in tourism administration from Indiana University Bloomington in 2010. After graduating, Mallory worked as an events organizer for a number of companies including Cathy Teeters Beautiful Weddings and Red Frog Events. But before accepting a position as a hairstylist and colorist, she completed a course in styling and cosmetics at the Vidal Sassoon Academy.


Mallory and Zach are said to have been dating for a while by the time they moved to Los Angeles with just a couple of suitcases and their puppy, but it’s unknown when the two first met and met. Mallory helped Zach every step of the way as he eventually found acting work and even co-founded a production company.

Zach and Mallory eventually made the decision to get married after moving to Los Angeles, and they even welcomed son Jaxon in 2017. Mallory was unaware that the majority of Zach’s earnings from 2014 to 2019 came from a Ponzi scheme in which he defrauded investors of nearly $227 million. Zach reportedly used fake documentation to claim that his production company was responsible for releasing films that would be subject to Netflix and HBO licenses.


To further gain investor confidence, Zach even made fictitious promises of earnings. In the end, he was arrested by law on April 5, 2021. Zach was initially charged with multiple wire fraud charges, but then changed his plea to one of securities fraud. As a result, he was sentenced in 2022 to 20 years in federal prison and a $230 million compensation fee.

Where are Zach Avery’s former spouse and child now?

Mallory Hagedorn reportedly filed for divorce the day Zach was arrested, unaware of his fraudulent actions. She even filed for custody of their son, Jaxon, and severed all ties with her ex-husband afterward. It’s interesting to note that Zach, Mallory and their son previously called a large $6.5 million Beverlywood home their home.


Mallory, on the other hand, has moved on with her life and is now living elsewhere with Jaxon because the house ended up being sold for a profit. Mallory is devoted to privacy and prefers to remain unnoticed since Zach’s incarceration. She is also keen on keeping her current whereabouts a secret and has deleted the majority of her social media accounts. We would therefore like to protect her privacy and send her our best wishes for the future.