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Will there be a sequel to Prey?

In the sci-fi action film Prey, directed by Dan Trachtenberg, a young Comanche warrior fights an alien of the species Predator or Yautja. In the 18th century, Naru lives with her people on the northern Great Plains. She is a talented tracker, but other hunters despise her for her sexuality. On the other hand, Taabe, the brother of Naru, is considered the best hunter of the tribe. He is made war chief after tracking down and killing a cougar. Naru, on the other hand, is convinced that the tribe is indeed facing a whole new threat, so she sets out to find out the truth.

Prey received mostly positive reviews after its release. The characterization, plot, and aesthetics all received high acclaim. We have the answer to your question about Prey getting a sequel.


Release date for Prey 2

The US version of “Prey” debuted on Hulu on August 5, 2022. The film was made available internationally on Disney+ and in Latin America on Star+. Prey, the fifth film in the Predator series, acts as a prequel to the first four films. The entire franchise is expected to reboot as well. Here’s what is known about the “Prey” sequel.

The making of “Prey 2” has not been verified by either the directors or Hulu officials. The credits of “Prey” leave open the possibility of a possible sequel. There are no end credits or mid credits scenes in “Prey”. However, the film’s narrative is repeated in imagery resembling cave paintings when the titles start to roll. Unlike the film, it doesn’t end with Naru becoming her clan’s warchief. Instead, a Predator ship appears in the sky while Naru stands with the War Chief’s staff in hand and her dog by her side, potentially leading other Predators to seek revenge on whoever Naru killed.


When asked about the likelihood of a sequel in a Comic Book Movie interview, Trachtenberg replied, “I think there’s absolutely something… There’s a certain appeal to a movie that feels finished because so many movies are seen as the beginning of a franchise.” . I hope this film feels finished.

The director of 10 Cloverfield Lane continued, “Nonetheless, we’re doing something quite unusual by telling a story ourselves in our credits, unlike other films that might have a post-credits scene. There is room for a variety of sequels to be produced. While I’m not sure we’re ready to say for sure what we want to do next, I think there are a lot of interesting possibilities. He was definitely referring to the graphics.


Comanche Nation member and producer Jhane Myers told the same outlet that she would very much like to return to the franchise. “Because this is my world, I would prefer to return to any setting with Aboriginal involvement and representation. She continued, “I would love to go back to any aboriginal world.

A sequel is quite likely, according to Trachtenberg, who told another site in June 2022 that there were already several ideas for the second part of the franchise. It all ultimately depends on how well “Prey” performs. If all goes according to plan in the third quarter of 2024 and a sequel is approved in the coming months, viewers can expect Prey 2.


Who can play in Cast of Prey 2?

Amber Midthunder plays Naru in Prey, which also stars Dakota Beavers as Taabe, Dane DiLiegro as the Predator, Michelle Thrush as Aruka, Julian Black Antelope as Chief Kehetu, Bennett Taylor as Raphael, and Mike Paterson as the Predator (Big Beard). . .

The Beavers, Taylor, and Paterson characters are no longer alive, so they are unlikely to appear outside of flashback sequences in the potential sequel. Though DiLiegro’s Predator is also deceased, he may still play other Predators in future works. In the sequel, Midthunder and other cast members will most likely play the roles of Naru and direct the cast.


What could the story of Prey 2 be about?

The Predator kills almost all fur trappers while they are “prey”. Despite his heroic efforts, Taabe is also murdered. The Predator is attracted by Naru with the last Fur Catcher and then killed with his own weapon. She then makes her way back to her clan while carrying the predator’s head and her dog. She is named her clan’s next War Chief as the film comes to a close.

The potential sequel may cover more ground. The possibility of other Predators seeking vengeance led the Comanche to seek partnerships with other First Nation groups living on the Plains. The follow-up can even take place in a completely new environment and examine how people from different cultures react to such a danger.