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Will Bales’ wife, who is she? Marital status and assets checked

Alex Bales: Will Bales’ wife, who is she? Marital status and assets checked

BattleBots, an American robot fighting TV series, stars Will Bales, a well-known robot manufacturer.


BattleBots is a remake of the British program Robot Wars, in which participants create and control remote-controlled armored fighting machines for use in eliminator battles in arena combat.

The show ran for five seasons on American Comedy Central. The Robot Battle TV Series was presented by Bil Dwyer, Tim Green and Sean Salisbury. The show’s eleventh season debuted on January 6, 2022.


BattleBots (2015) and Bots High both feature American Battlebots builder Bales (2010). As a member of the HuperShock team, he also took part in the BattleBots robot competition.

Not many details are available about the robot builder. People frequently ask if Bales is married and living happily ever after with his faithful bride. So let’s check out what we know about him.


Battlebots: Alex Bales, who is Will Bales’ wife?

Most famously, Alex Bales, aka Alexandra Bales, is the attractive wife of BattleBots rival Will Bales.

The couple first met in the summer of 2020. Will and Alex got married in October 2021 after a lengthy courtship. Two hours before their wedding, the robot creator introduced his wife-to-be on Instagram.


Will explained how they first met and fell in love in the Instagram post. When Will was in Denmark on business last summer, he claimed they met under the most unexpected of circumstances.

When she arrived to meet him on a date, Will thought she was wonderful. Due to a fortunate coincidence of circumstances, their second date took place over a week in Copenhagen. He quickly developed a strong love for her and developed a complete crush.


In December Alex visited Wales and the two traveled to Key West. After some time, she moved to Miami in April 2021, and the couple has been living together ever since. They made the decision to get married in October of the same year, 2021.

Age of Battlebots Creator Will Bales – Wikipedia Bio

Will Bales, a robot designer, appears to be in his 30s by appearance.


He is a well-known Battlebot developer and medical device R&D engineer based in Miami, Florida, USA. According to his LinkedIn page, Will has been working as a design engineer at Syntheon LLC since February 2017.

Will previously worked at Covidien as a technical intern from November 2014 to May 2015. He is known for being the rival in the American robot fighting television show BattleBots.


Taking part in the TV show, Will and his gang are known for their outrageously ridiculous acts. He is an active contributor to the HyperShock team. The team is known for using a rake against the Warrior Clans’ Drone Dragon.

How much money is Will Bales worth?

As the creator of battlebots and R&D engineer for medical devices, Will Bales has to make a decent living.


He is a rival of the popular American TV show BattleBots. From January 2014 to June 2014, Will also served as the Ranson Everglades School’s robotics team coach. From June 2008 to August 2013 he worked at Syntheon LLC as a technical intern.

Will attended Ranson Everglades from 2005 to 2011 and enrolled at Purdue University in 2011. The robot builder attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute from 2015 to 2016.


Going by the name @billwales on Instagram, he identified himself as a BattleBots builder, car enthusiast, object maker and traveler. Will uses his social media pages fairly frequently.

Meet the family of Battlebots creator Will Bales

Alex Bales, the robot builder, hasn’t revealed much about his family members other than his devoted wife, Will Bales.


He has amassed over 2.2k followers on Instagram and @billwales is easy to get in touch with. Will regularly posts about his creations on Instagram and enjoys sharing beautiful photos of himself with loved ones.

Will enjoys driving and regularly posts beautiful pictures of expensive vehicles. Alex, his devoted wife, can also be found on Instagram with the handle @alexmbales. She has 486 followers on her account after 82 posts, but she made her account private.