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Who was Edith Schmucker? An Indiana geriatric nurse, 56, was driving a car that struck Jackie Walorski’s SUV

On Wednesday afternoon, August 3, Congresswoman Jackie Walorski of Indiana was in a car accident that killed one person.

There were no survivors and it is not yet clear how serious their injuries were. At 12:32 the accident occurred on SR 19 south of SR 119. Walorski was 58 years old and would be 59 in just two weeks.


The Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office said Walorski, 58, of Elkhart, Indiana, Zachery Potts, 27, of Mishawaka, Indiana, and Emma Thomson, 28, of Washington, DC, died in the two-car accident. Thomson was Walorski’s communications director and Potts was Walorski’s campaign manager before she became District Secretary of the Indiana House of Representatives. Officials also said that Edith Schmucker, who was driving the car that struck Walorski’s car, was also dead. Police said Schmucker’s car veered left off the center line and struck a southbound SUV head-on, causing the fatal Indiana accident, which killed a total of four people. But there was no explanation as to why her car was going the wrong way.

What was Edith Schmucker?

Edith Schmucker, who is 56 and is from Nappanee, Indiana, was driving the car that hit Warloski. A native of Warsaw, she worked as a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) at Miller’s Senior Living Community on Clearvista Pl in Indianapolis. She attended Warsaw Gymnasium in 1985 and graduated from there. On Facebook, she maintained her relationship status as “single.” Although her Facebook status is single, she has named Tyler Lee Schmucker and Mikel D. Renze as her sons.


People who knew Schmucker wrote that she had a big heart and would do anything for anyone. Tamra Schmucker, Edith Schmucker’s niece, wrote: “I learned from you as a child how you always ran your fingers through my hair and told me you loved me every time you saw me. See you again.” The first person to say Walorski had died was House Minority Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who tweeted, “It is with a heavy heart that I share this statement from the office of Congresswoman Jackie Walorski.” He continued : “This news is a complete disaster. Jackie was a close friend, a trusted advisor, and a model of honesty. All of her housemates looked up to her and respected her. She always put everyone else first.