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Who was Alastair Little? Honors flow as accomplished British chef dies aged 72

Alastair Little, a prominent British chef, died in Sydney on August 2, 2022. He was 72 years old. In the 1980s he gained notoriety from his famous Soho restaurant and appearances on British television.

So far we don’t know what caused Little’s death and we don’t have many details about his funeral.


His father was an officer in the British Navy and both his mother and grandmother were well-known chefs. At the age of 11 he attended a boarding school. At Downing College, Cambridge, he studied social anthropology and archaeology. In his senior year, Little lived in an old monastery and cooked in the kitchen.

He initially wanted to be a film editor, so he started working as a messenger at a film studio in Soho. He worked as a waiter at Small’s, a café in Knightsbridge, and later became the place’s assistant manager.


Little also worked at the Old Compton Wine Bar in 1976. When the chef left, he was hired to replace him and kept the menu simple.

He then worked in a few more restaurants and used Marcella Hazan’s classic Italian cookbook to learn about Italian food. He met Kirsten Pedersen and Mercedes Andre-Vega while working at 192. In 1985 the three opened a restaurant called Alastair Little on Frith Street in Soho.


People found the restaurant unique because it only served soup, salad, fresh fish, meat and desserts. There were no tablecloths and the menu changed twice a day. Customers were given paper napkins and could see what was going on in the kitchen from the dining room. In 1995 the three opened a second restaurant of the same name in Ladbroke Grove, west London.

But the partnership ended in 2002 and Alastair subsequently opened a delicatessen called Tavola in Notting Hill, West London. In 2017 he and his wife Sharon moved to Sydney and opened a pop-up restaurant called Little Bistro. Little also co-owned Potts Point Restaurant Et Al. Little started a service called ByAlastairLittle in 2019 to deliver things to people’s homes.


In addition to being a well-known chef, he also wrote for The Guardian and Noble Rot. Little has also appeared on Masterchef, Hot Chefs and Ready Steady Cook, among others.

Photographer Barry Madsen snapped a picture of him in 1998. This painting is now on display at London’s National Portrait Gallery.


People pay their respects on Twitter

Alastair Little has become known for his good cooking skills over the years and many journalists and other chefs have praised his work. When people heard that he had died, there were many tributes on Twitter.


People called him one of the “pioneering chefs,” and others remembered eating at his restaurant. This shows that the chef had a great impact on the lives of many people.