Who wants to be a chamber of commerce CEO?99newsbuzz

It may be mere coincidence, but a growing number of area chambers of commerce appear to be struggling to retain or recruit CEOs to lead their pro-business organizations in the post-pandemic era.

If you happen to be shopping your executive résumé, I currently see searches underway at the Austin Chamber of Commerce, the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce (oops! Make that, once again, the Greater Chamber…) and the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. Meanwhile, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO Marina Gonzales resigned last week to partner with former Bexar County Commissioner Kevin Wolff in his business consultancy, and San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Yvonne Katz announced last week that she is stepping down after 20 years.

I do not think the collective corner-office vacancies are a coincidence. The top job is no longer the great gig it once was. I’m not saying that chambers don’t do important work, or that they no longer matter. But it’s a different job today than it was a generation ago.