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Who is she? Look, how did the 19-year-old become paralyzed?

Amelia Dean: who is she? Look, how did the 19-year-old become paralyzed?

On a road trip, a friend named Amelia and his wolfhound were hiking a route when they encountered a huge male bison halfway through their path.


SOUTH DAKOTA: On June 16, a woman was hiking through Custer State Park when she was attacked by a bison and thrown 15 feet in the air.

Amelia “Mia” Dean, 19, and a companion were on the second day of a month-long cross-country road trip when they encountered a bison. Her friend’s dog was there too.


The question, “What’s wrong with the people?” is addressed through a video of a bison attacking a family in Yellowstone National Park.

Dogs viciously attack a 12-year-old girl outside a school in front of the children.


“They came over a hill and spotted a large male bison down in the dip quite far ahead of them,” Amelia Dean’s father, Matthew Dean, said in a statement to Dakota News Now, an ABC and Fox broadcaster. After nearly two hours of hiking, Mia and her companion considered turning back, but ultimately decided against it because they ran out of supplies.

British native Amelia said: “I was pretty dehydrated, it was really sunny and we had both given the dog our water about an hour before.” The bison started to look up as Amelia and her pal maneuvered around it. Jacqueline Dean, her mother, told Dakota News Now, “The bison just swooped down the hill at her from a distance of more than 100 yards. It immediately approached, stopped in front of her and there is evidence they briefly made eye contact.”


Seven weeks into her hospital admission, Amelia reflected on how close they had been, adding, “I could have put my palm on his forehead without really stretching it out quite well.”

The bison then attacked Amelia, her thigh being completely impaled by its horn. She went on to share more about the near-death experience: “I can still feel the strain in my hip. I remember feeling like I was going to fly through the air and fall head over heels as my hip was forced back.” Before asking for help, her friend managed to convince the bison to leave. Amelia was conceived at the Rapid City Hospital. To pay for her medical care, her parents set up a GoFundMe page. Amelia had a “completely severed femoral artery,” they revealed.


Family members claim it is a miracle that she is alive today

On the website for the fundraiser, her family wrote: “Given that the artery that was severed should have left her bleeding to death within 2 to 8 minutes and it took the ambulance 20 minutes to arrive, we are extremely fortunate that our daughter is still breathing . She is alive today only by a miracle.”

Amelia is now paralyzed from the knee down in one of her legs due to injuries inflicted by bison horn on her tibial and peroneal nerves in addition to her femoral artery. Amelia’s love of dance and her intention to enroll at Edinburgh University in the fall are also featured on the GoFundMe page. “We have no idea why this happened to our beautiful child,” her parents wrote in a letter. “All we want is for her to be able to walk and dance again and live her life to the fullest, free from serious long-term pain.”