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Who is he? Explained Cherie Gil’s son and family life

Raphael Rogoff: who is he? Explained Cherie Gil’s son and family life

Rony Rogoff and his ex-wife Cherie Gil are Raphael Rogoff’s parents. Raph is the younger sibling of his famous musician father, Rony.


In July 2016, he graduated from Scarsdale Senior High School in New York. He studied Global Liberal Studies at New York University with a focus on politics, ethics and religion.

Unfortunately, his mother lost her battle with cancer and recently passed away, leaving her family behind.


Raphael Rogoff, Cherie Gil’s son

Raphael Rogoff is the famous parents of Cherie Gil and Rony Rogoff as we mentioned earlier.

One of Raph’s proudest experiences was graduating from New York University (NYU). Four wonderful years, he claimed, had come to an end. He learned more about himself and the world in which he lived.


He has traveled to many different countries, done odd jobs and internships and made friends for life. He was happy to leave NYU with his connections, information and connections. He went on to explain that he had a better college experience than he expected.

Age of Raphael Rogoff: How old is he?

The exact age of Raphael Rogoff has not yet been released. At this point, however, he appears to be in his late 20s.


He was born at an unknown date, but based on his looks, we believe he was born towards the end of the 20th century. His zodiac sign and date of birth are also kept secret.

Apparently he is not yet ready to make these details public. We will respond as soon as possible with more information on this matter.


Find out more about Raphael Rogoff’s wife.

Raphael Rogoff Sees Stunning Woman Using Instagram Name Solveig Martin

He seems to like taking someone on vacation with him. The couple posts a variety of photos from their travels. We can deduce from their Instagram posts that they have been together for almost three years.


However, they haven’t mentioned their upcoming wedding. We may have to wait a while before we see them start their own families as they may want to advance their jobs first.

Raphael Rogoff Net Worth

We are not aware of any information about Raphael Rogoff’s net worth.


He has admitted to working in different places, so maybe he made some money. After all, he is the heir to a well-known personality, so his net worth can be in the millions.

However, his mother was a successful actress and had a fortune in the millions.