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Who is he? Clare Smith’s husband is the Executive Chef at Core Restaurant

Grant Heath: Who is he? Clare Smith’s husband is the Executive Chef at Core Restaurant

UK chef Clare Smyth is married to financial adviser Grant Heath. Let’s examine her marital situation and family.


Her road to fame was not easy; She was despised by her peers, particularly English Michelin chef Gordan Ramsey, who told her she had nothing to do with working in his kitchen.

The incident was a wake-up call because she had undoubtedly developed a tough exterior to ward off far worse insults and focused like a laser on excelling at her job.


Grant Heath: Who is he?

Finances Mughal Grant Heath and his wife, renowned British chef Clare Smyth, are happily married.

Despite their busy schedules, the couple has remained happy since their 2015 wedding.


It is true that the cook must arrive at her place by nine in the morning and stay there until midnight. Any relationship would be thrown off balance by such a demanding schedule, but her partner has a comparable work ethic.

He also jokingly claims that he works half, if not more, hours than they do in his finance job.


As they work through their schedules and spend their days relaxing at their London home with their sister, brother-in-law and baby, the holiday season raises new questions.

Since they go to their parents’ house for turkey at six o’clock, there is no cooking at that time.


Also, she often nudges her spouse when she wants jewelry with a sapphire or other light blue stone because he never refuses gifts.

Age of Grant Heath

While Grant Heath’s age is still being determined, we believe he is in his mid-40s, along with his wife Clare.


Knowing about his experiences and upbringing is forbidden because he had a quiet life. However, his wife has spoken openly about her struggle to become one of Britain’s most celebrated chefs.

Her parents, who were farmers and waiters, raised her on a farm in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.


When she started working at a nearby restaurant over the summer holidays after packing her bags and moving to England at the age of 16, her dreams began to come true.

She attracted the attention of the country’s most prestigious restaurants when she enrolled in a catering program at Highbury College and later became chef to Gordon Ramsay.


She quickly won the titles of National Chef of the Year and Restaurant of the Year in 2018 and received two stars in the Michelin Guide in 2019, and her achievements just kept piling up.

Grant Heath Net Worth 2022

Grant Heath’s net worth as of 2022 is still being assessed but we are confident that with his position as Finance Director at CS Hospitality Ltd. made more than enough money.


According to LinkedIn, his career began when he started working as an accountant at Denton Properties. When he returned to the UK to work as an accounting assistant to the European Financial Controller, he couldn’t stand the South African heat for more than nine months.

He then moved to Tequila London, VirginMega Stores and GNI Bank where he supported and managed inventory.


His most challenging project was working as a financial analyst for Shell for eight years, providing his opinion on the company.

As he continued to reign at Deutsche Bank and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, this endeavor led to more opportunities.


Most recently, he worked as a Baclkine project manager at Unilever, where he worked until CS Hospitality Ltd. was founded. worked in December 2019.