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Who is cosplayer Alina Becker from the Tiktok Shirt Cut Meme IRL Post?

Alina Becker is a popular social media influencer, model and internet personality. Similarly, she has been the subject of countless Reddit posts praising her attractiveness.

Alina Becker embodied the evil Junko Enoshima from the video game Danganronpa in 2020.


Alina is known for posting opulent images and videos on a variety of social media platforms. The cosplayer was recently identified with the “shirt cut meme” because she portrays it in real life.

Tiktok Shirt Cut memes in real life

On June 6, 2021, Twitter user @druzsea shared a photo of a character wearing clothing that partially shows her breasts with a five-panel structure.


Panels for “side breast” and white space for artist’s imagination are included in the Shirt Cut Meme template. In just one week, the post received over 3,600 retweets and 14,500 likes.

On June 8, 2021, Twitter user @NumsNam made significant use of the template for the first time. His message received over 460 retweets and 3,800 likes.


On June 9, musicians began sharing SWF, NSFW, and humorous posts, and the format quickly gained popularity on Twitter. For example, on June 11, 2021, a Twitter user’s comic adaptation of five drawings of a bird received approximately 10,300 retweets and 37,700 likes.

This fashion is attributed to Alina Becker, better known in real life as the Shirt Cut Meme, who has mastered quite a few cosplays. When cosplaying, she took on the form of Satsuki Kiryuin.


Who is Alina Becker, a cosplayer?

Alina Becker received her education and training in Russia, where she was also born. She is a popular Instagram user, model, and cosplayer of video game characters from titles such as Metroid, Cowboy Bebop, and Nier: Automata.

She has been seen dressed as a variety of TV show characters including Sailor Moon, Black Lagoon and Lara Croft from the hugely popular Tomb Raider video game series. 23-year-old Alina was born on September 22, 1999.


In the picture is Alina Becker

She has participated in a number of regional and international cosplay events including Miss Fortune, Okay/DA Cosplays and Comicon. She also frequently wears costumes for her photo shoots and draws inspiration from numerous animated television and video game characters.


On Instagram, where she posts 442 pictures and videos under the username japp leack, she has a considerable following. She frequently shares pictures of her daring and seductive cosplay characters, which attract her fans.

To commemorate the launch of her Instagram profile and cosplay, she shared a photo of herself and a friend in 2017. Becker entered a cosplay contest in 2018 while disguising herself as a League of Legends video game character.


Cute Reddit Girl Alina Becker IRL Meme Shirt

Kill La Kill is well known to everyone who appreciates anime and follows the latest Reddit top posts. It is an anime series for Studio Trigger, directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and written by Kazuki Nakashima.

Imasihi and Nakashima collaborated on Gurren Lagann in 2007 and Promare in 2019.


In the series, Ryuko Matoi, a homeless schoolgirl, clashes with Ragyo Kiryuin’s fashion empire and Satsuki Kiryuin, the student council president of Honnouji Academy, while searching for the person responsible for her father’s murder.

Ryuko, Satsuki, and other characters’ clothes give them martial arts superpowers as they have a separate mind.


Since the release of the anime poster, there has been a lot of talk on social media about “shirt cut” aka Kill La Kill cosplay anime. Essentially, it’s a shirt style that shows off specific parts of the body. Since she constantly uploads articles about it, Alina is involved in this.

In addition, it provides additional unique content on the website.