Who is Badri Seshadri, The Writer Was Arrested For ‘Provocative’ Remarks On Manipur, CJ

In this article, we will explore Badri Seshadriwho is the founder of Kizhakku Pathippagam, a prominent publishing house in Tamil Nadu was arrested for provocative remarks on Manipur CJI. What is the entire matter and what will the consequences he has to face? We will provide with you all answers to your all questions. Drag down the page to know more about this case.

Badri Seshadri

Badri Sheshadri is 58 years old and the founder of Kizakhu Pathippgam, a prominent publishing house in Tamil  Nadu. He is recognized for his pro-right-wing party and organization viewpoint although he also maintains some connections with the ruling party and was arrested for the provocative remarks on Manipur CJI. Scroll down the page and continue to read the article until the end to know more about this case.

According to the report, Badri Sheshadari was appointed to the advisory council for the Tamil Internet Education Council by the DMK government after it assumed power. Badri Shesdaari expressed disapproval towards Tamil writers who blamed the Central government for the situation in the region when he follows the outbreak of violence in Manipur.

As per the report, Badri Sheshdari who is a Political analyst and writer Badri Sheshdari was arrested by the Tamil Nadu Police on 29 July 2023 due to his alleged provocative comments about Manipur violence and Chief Justice of India (CJI) DY Chandrachud in an interview.

Badri Seshadri

According to the reports,  In the interview, Sheshadri said that The Supreme Court said that if the government could not do anything then the court will. Send CJI there after giving gun to him and let’s see if he can restore the peace. In addition, he also said that Manipur is a hilly area and murders will happen there we cannot stop the violence from happening.

The FiR was filed by the person against Badri whose name is Kaviyarasu and advocate. Badri Sheshdari made critical remarks on the Supreme Court and Chief Justice of India Chandrachuda on 22 July 2023 in the interview and this led him to arrest.

However, BJP state president Anaamalai condemned Sheshdari’s arrest and said the DMK government relied only on arrests and asks the government if the Tamil Nadu police’s job was only to enforce the revenge measures of the corrupt DMK government.

Speaking on Badri’s arrest, Historian Ramachandra Guha on Twitter wrote, “Criticising the Supreme Court or even the CJI is to exercise the freedom of speech the Constitution guarantees us. The TN Government should release Badri Seshadri immediately. Stay tuned to the social telecast.