Who Is Alex Wubbels? Why She Was Arrested And Charged?

In this article, we will explore Alex Wubbels who is surfaced on all news channels and social media platforms because of her arrest. Yes, she was arrested and people want to know about her and what is the entire matter. We will provide you with all details and information about her and this case so scroll down the page and continue to read the article until the end.

Alex Wubbels

Alex Wubbels is a nurse who happens to be a former Olympic athlete detained by police at the Salt Lake City hospital where she works. Alex Wubble says it was an unlawful arrest and that she wants the public to see the disturbing video so it does not happen again.

The video is roaming and surfacing related to her arrest in which we can see she was seen the police arrest her by grabbing then hand handcuff. This disturbing video is all over the internet and news channel. What happend and why she was arrested and if she had any fault? You will get complete details and information about this case so kindly drag down the page and continue to read to know more.

This case is proved that only police officer is no the one who protects people but it can be others however who can protect the person in other ways to each other but also respect privacy this case raises an objection to police rules and regulations made for everyone and tries to break them by interfering in the privacy so how would not try to break it.

According to the report, The video went viral of Alex when she was arrested due to refusing the drawn-out blood from the unconscious patient without consent which is requested by the detective officer Jeff Payne.

Alex Wubbels

In the video, we can see Alex Webbles arrested by grabbing and then being handcuffed because she refused to draw out blood without warrant the consent of the patient who is unconscious at that time.

Actually, The patient was involved in a car accident and Detective Jeff Payne has to take blood samples for investigation and tries to take drawn-out blood from the patient without his consent and had been unconscious. The detective also has no warrant, electronic warrant, or not consent from the patient so Alex refused to draw out blood from the patient without the warrant but respect her decision but oppositely detective arrested her.

However, Alex has not faced any charges or allegations. Alex’s actions highlighted healthcare providers’ challenges when balancing patient care and law enforcement demands. Wubbels became a symbol of advocacy for patient rights and the proper treatment of medical personnel in law enforcement encounters.