Where to shop for international ingredients in San Antonio99newsbuzz

In a land where H-E-B is king, smaller local grocers are carving out space by offering international ingredients for cuisines from around the world. Whether it’s just the right spice, a tropical fruit or a trending snack, it’s worth the extra drive to score items you can’t find at the average supermarket. These stores reflect San Antonio’s diversity, giving immigrants a taste of home and the larger community a chance to expand their palates. Across San Antonio — and across grocery aisles — these six specialty grocery stores are building community and promoting cultural exchange.

Aryana Halal Meat Market

Aryana Halal Meat Market, located at 8114 Fredericksburg Rd., is a family-owned and operated business that has been around since 2019 with the purpose of providing food relevant to the Afghan community of San Antonio. The market has a meat counter where it sells fresh chapli, kabob, lamb, beef, poultry and other halal meat. They sell other specialty goods such as fresh naan, a selection of produce, dates, pickled mangos, sunflower seeds and popular Alokozay energy drinks in bulk. The market’s owner also runs a boutique in the same business strip.

Blessing African Food Store

Blessing African Food Store, located at 5715 Evers Rd., was opened by a couple from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2020. Since then, the store has provided a variety of goods from Central Africa that can be used to make favorite African dishes like palm nut soup, kittely stew and afang soup. Frozen goods include hen, fumbwa, water leaves, and bitterballs. On the shelves, you’ll find baobab fruit flour, calabaa chalk, pounded yam, dried fish and palm nut cream. The store sits in the same strip as India Store, a small Indian grocery store, and across the street from Eagle African Market, which specializes in Nigerian ingredients.