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Where is Seitrich Deandre Buckner now after the murder of Aidee Reyna?

A mother of two celebrated her 30th birthday on June 19, 2010, and when she went home she had no idea that this would be the last time she would ever do so. Aidee Reyna, a Houston resident, was shot dead early one morning while walking yards from her home, raising legitimate safety concerns among locals. The tragedy is described in detail by Investigation Discovery’s The Interrogator: You Know What Time It Is, detailing the ins and outs of the investigation and the causes of the horrifying outcome. Let’s examine what happened at this point.

What caused Aidee Reyna’s death?

A respected native of southwest Houston, Texas, Aidee Reyna was a mother of two by the age of 30. Aracely Compean, Aidee’s sister, was part of her childhood. According to the program, the sisters were born in Mexico and immigrated to the United States as elementary school students. Aidee was employed as a hostess at a neighborhood diner at the time of the event. She and her beautiful daughters moved in with Aracely in the southwest part of Land’s End Drive after the divorce.


Aidee was doing pretty well because she had just bought a new car and was planning to buy her own house. She was returning home with her friends from a party for her 30th birthday on the fateful night of June 19, 2010 when the incident occurred. A person who tried to steal Aidee’s belongings shot her just steps from her home. Aracely spotted her sister in this situation and immediately alerted the authorities. Aidee was discovered lying on the ground 20 to 25 feet from the front door of the apartment complex when emergency crews arrived at the scene.

As police began searching the units, neighbors reported hearing a gunshot around five in the morning. Israel Ramirez, one of the neighbors, later remarked: “I was freaking out. I was afraid. It was similar to how someone in our area could just as easily be killed. The 30-year-old woman was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene from a gunshot wound to the right side of the neck. Aidee’s sister reported to authorities that she was missing several personal items and her wallet. However, Aidee’s cell phone was found nearby by the police.


The killer of Aidee Reyna

When police investigated the murder, they also questioned Aidee Reyna’s ex-husband. However, they found out that Aidee had left the children at his house while she was celebrating her birthday. Within an hour of the murder, detectives discovered that Aidee Reyna’s stolen bank card had been used. Police discovered Kendrick Baldwin in possession of Aidee’s card after tracking card activity. Since Baldwin had a strong alibi and was at work when Aidee was killed, he could not be charged.

But Baldwin told investigators he received the card from his friend Seitrich Deandre Buckner, who apparently told him earlier that morning about a fight with a woman. He described how Buckner tried to rob the woman, but she resisted when he tried to take her purse. According to Baldwin, Buckner claimed he lost his composure when the woman “came towards him,” drew a gun, and was fired a round during the ensuing fight.


Baldwin claimed that Buckner claimed not to have known if the woman was hit by the gunshots and simply left the scene with her wallet while she was lying on the ground. Immediately after his arrest, Buckner was interrogated by police for nearly four hours. At one point, Buckner acknowledged his role in the crime and supported Baldwin’s story of what happened. He also provided more information about Aidee’s robbery and murder. The 20-year-old claimed the revolver was accidentally fired, despite all he intended to do was shoot Aidee. Bucker was charged with first-degree murder.

Where is Seitrich Deandre Buckner at the moment?

Seitrich Deandre Buckner pleaded not guilty in court. But in March 2013, a jury found Buckner guilty of felony murder and sentenced him to life in prison. In March 2014, he appealed to the Court of Appeals for the First District of Texas. According to Buckner, his confession was coerced and taken in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights.


At a pretrial conference, prosecutors agreed to redact some of his taped confessions, prompting his attorney to withdraw the request for suppression. According to official records, Buckner is still at the Jim Ferguson Unit in Midway, Texas, serving his sentence. In 2040 he can apply for parole.