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Tshwane asks residents to be patient while it sorts out salary impasse with workers

A local ward councillor has urged residents to exercise patience with the Tshwane metro amid its employee protest.

Councillor Jacqui Uys said the recent strike had caused delays to service delivery and other essential services.

Uys said the protest was due to an impasse between employees and the municipality over salary increases.

“Earlier this year, the DA, in collaboration with our coalition partners, embarked on a rescue mission of Tshwane. We did this by approving a budget aimed at stabilising the city’s finances.

“Tough decisions, such as budget cuts, have had to be made to get our city’s finances back on track. One of these decisions was not approving salary increases for City of Tshwane workers and politicians – a difficult, but necessary step to restore Tshwane’s financial stability,” she added.

The councillor said the decision was aimed at keeping the metro afloat.

“These difficult choices are essential to prevent a financial collapse and to get Tshwane back on track.

“We are determined to ensure the city’s long-term well-being and to secure a better future for all its residents.”

Meanwhile, community members are encouraged to escalate their service delivery complaints to MMC Wakelin.

Ward 59 councillor Shaun Wilkinson told Rekord that Mayor Cilliers Brink would meet the Samwu leadership on Monday morning to resolve the impasse.

“The mayor and city manager will continue to engage Samwu this morning, but I imagine we can expect further service delivery delays, especially with waste collection, water issues and electricity. Streetlights are still not on the agenda, at this point,” Wilkinson said.

He further said councillors would work closely with the regional management and the mayor’s office on all major issues.

Human settlement MMC Ofentse Madzebatela engaged Region 2 residents on the service delivery delays.

Madzebatela was accompanied by ward councillor Arnold van Niekerk.

“We are here to tell residents that we are on top of the situation, you can see already things are getting out of control (sic).

“We are here with some residents who are willing to assist us with cleaning our streets,” he said.

Madzebatela further said Van Niekerk had already disseminated information to community members about where to dispose of their refuse.

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