To the management of BSU

I have read your response in respect to my previous publication: “Benue State University at it again”, where I exposed some ills happening at the university and accused both teaching and non teaching staff of the university of being responsible. 

I am happy to see that in your response, it was difficult for you to disagree with the issues I raised. According to you, I should have sought explanations or redress from the vice chancellor, registrar or even the University Governing Council before taking issues to the public, if not resolved.

During my years in Benue State University, we tried to resolve some misunderstandings between students and lecturers but the management took sides with the lecturers against us and we were defeated.

How can a class of over 700 students not have at least 20 students that would pass GST and this happened across all the departments in the school. The then VC, Prof. Moses Kembe, called for a meeting to resolve that and we (students) were happy that he will address this injustice but unfortunately, the same VC openly supported lecturers instead of intervening as a father to all. Many students got angry and left the venue to subside their anger.

The university wanted to generate internal revenue and attempted to increase the fees but students protested and the planned increase in fees was aborted. Thereafter, we (students) were made to fail GST so that we could register for it again to generate revenue for the university. 

So, you see, there is no hope that a student’s report against a staff of the university in question will be addressed, accordingly. Rather, such will be victimised.

I have no bad intentions and I do not have anything personal against the university but, the unbecoming activities of some staff members should not be overlooked and encouraged. 

I always fight in support of teaching and non-teaching staff members of Benue State University and the Nigerian universities in general through newspaper publications, through my TV programme (The Arena), whenever government is insensitive about the plight of their staff and the progress of the education sector.

However, I will as well fight against those whose attitude belittle and devalue our universities, to ensure justice for all.

As I promised in my previous publication, the proof on issues I raised will be submitted officially and made public thereafter.

The Principal Assistant Registrar (Public Relations) of the university, Dr. Tine Tser Vanger, who has written to reply me on behalf of the school management, was the examinations officer in the department of Mass Communication, where most of the issues I mentioned in the previous publication can be found, knows the truth. He knows that many of his colleagues are guilty of the things I said but, of course, he has to defend the institution he works for. So, I won’t blame him for doing his job.

Benue State University belongs to all of us and we cannot fold our hands to watch things fall apart. Those who are corrupt must be taken out of the university, those who are damaging the reputation of the university should be dealt with, those who are lazy should leave their positions for others who are willing to work.

The university management will definitely hear from me again and soon.

Awunah Pius Terwase,

Mpape, Abuja


[email protected]