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The Resort Episode 4 Summary and Analysis

Despite its basic concept, Peacock’s “The Resort” is not just a thriller. The plot expands and transforms into magical realism as the show progresses. The fourth episode of the series, “A Tale of Oblivion,” is mainly about Alex (Ben Sinclair), the strange owner of the Oceana Vista Resort and the enigmatic Santa Claus from the previous episodes. The numerous sticky notes that Noah (William Jackson Harper) and Emma (Cristin Milioti) discover in Alex’s room in 2022 are consistent with Alex’s apparent belief that he has amnesia. In Episode 4, “The Resort,” the audience gives some clarity. For example, we are now aware of the guilt or innocence of Baltasar (Luis Gerardo Méndez). But after the show is over, we have even more unanswered questions. Here is all the information you need to complete Episode 4 of The Resort. spoilers to follow.

Summary of the fourth episode of The Resort

The main division of The Resort consists of two timelines. Emma and Noah travel to Yucatán, Mexico in 2022 to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. During an ATV accident, Emma discovers a clamshell phone in the bush. She later discovers that the phone belonged to Sam Knowlston (Skyler Gisondo), a tourist who disappeared along with Violet Thompson (Nina Bloomgarden), another traveler, in late December 2007, the day before a hurricane wiped out Oceana Vista.


Sam and Violet are haunted in the second timeline after Sam’s arrival on Christmas Eve 2007. However, Sam and Violet are not shown in Episode 4 as Alex is the main character. Right where episode 3 left off, this episode continues. Baltasar must have gone into a coma and Emma probably destroyed the phone that contained Sam’s SIM card. In episode 4, Emma accuses Baltasar of killing Sam and Violet as soon as he wakes up. This prompts Baltasar to mention his former boss, Alex, to the two American tourists.

No one really knows how Alex ended up in sunny paradise in the 2007 period. About five years earlier, Baltasar first met Alex when he came to Oceana Vista for an interview. After that, the two quickly become closer. Baltasar devoted himself to empowering his group of outcasts and refugees, including himself. However, after Alex told Baltasar about his memory problems, things quickly began to deteriorate. After discovering several decapitated iguanas that Alex had killed, the staff become increasingly disgruntled and ask Baltasar to solve the problem.


On New Year’s Day 2007, Baltasar learns that Sam and Violet have disappeared. The resort prepares for the coming hurricane while he and the rest of the crew search for the young man and woman. Of course, Violet’s father and Sam’s parents are concerned that their respective children may be caught in the storm. Sam and Violet are nowhere to be found when the storm hits and the hotel is completely destroyed.

Why are Noah and Emma in Alex’s painting in the final scene of The Resort Episode 4?

Alex appears to be suffering from some form of amnesia, although memory loss doesn’t sound like a real illness. The intricate artwork he makes now that he’s a hermit is the most intriguing thing about his chamber atop Oceana Vista. This includes Baltasar as well as every single employee of his hotel. You see Alex standing naked in front of the water. As we note, this shows Alex’s final moments as he falls into the water and dies as the cyclone approaches shore.


In one of the earlier episodes, Violet and Sam are pictured in Alex’s closet. In episode 4, Baltasar reveals to Emma and Noah that they too are depicted in the artwork created 15 years earlier by an eccentric and amnesiac man. The story of The Resort emphasizes the importance of time. As the story progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that the job could be both physical and metaphorical.

Alex’s illness and past are probably related to what happened to Violet and Sam. The way our brain records our time in the world is through memories. Alex may have started experiencing symptoms of brain leaking because everything he was exposed to was overloading his brain with events from the past, present, and future. He learned what role Emma and Noah will play in the future, and as a result included them in his image.


Did Alex kill Sam and Violet?

While Episode 4 gives us enough reason to believe that Alex killed Sam and Violet, it’s incredibly unlikely. To the viewer, he seems more like a truly melancholy character who not only forgets his past, but also somehow understands how his life will end. Although Baltasar had liked Alex while he was alive, for a time after his death he believed that the artwork was “the useless scrawl of an insane person”. But after spotting Noah and Emma and realizing that they are in the picture, he has to reconsider his views. Alex may have known what happened to Sam and Violet and may have forgotten, but he didn’t murder her.