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Social Media Reacts After Summer Walker ‘Distastefully’ Mentions Jayda Cheaves While Alluding To Breakup With Lil Meech

Jayda Cheaves and other social media users are sharing their reactions after Summer Walker referenced Cheaves while alluding that her relationship with actor Lil Meech has ended.

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Summer Walker Shares Apparent Relationship Update, Alludes To Dishonesty In Lil Meech Romance

On Monday, Walker took to her Instagram Story to seemingly share a relationship update with fans. In her brief statement, Walker mentioned Jayda Cheaves while alluding that she wishes Lil Meech “the best.”

“Tried my best to be jayda wayda but I couldnt. It was cute though, I wish him the best…”

Afterward, the singer then shared a few more words.

“Can’t do that cheatin stuff”

Additionally, Walker shared a brief clip of her previous interview on ‘Caresha Please.’ In the clip, Walker shared her thoughts on romantic partners being dishonest.

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“You know, once you just figure out like, ‘Oh, you just gone keep lying?’ Like you ever had a situation with somebody and be like, ‘Okay baby’ — because that’s me. I caught you in some lies, I’ll be like, ‘Okay, cats out the bag. It’s cool… now that I know what’s going on let’s just keep a one hundred from here…”

In the clip, Walker explained that in her experience, rather than begin being honest, her partners usually decide to continue lying as more of their secrets become revealed over time.

Jayda Cheaves Steps Into The Shade Room To Share Her Thoughts On Walker’s Mention Of Her

Cheaves soon caught wind of Walker’s mention of her and hopped into The Shade Room’s comment section to address it.

“I learned my lesson after ONE kid. Mfers round here starting they own trends and tryna INSERT ME in for laughs on the shade room. NO ????”


Dess Dior also entered The Shade Room with her thoughts on Walker’s comment.

“She could’ve gotten her point across without mentioning Jayda. We’ve all had our run with a n***a including u! STOP IT.”

Additionally, social media users also reacted to Walker’s mention of Cheaves, calling it “very distasteful.”

“summer played herself bad. It’s a no for me dawg”

“Men let this be a lesson, stop telling these women you love them and then publicly embarrassing them and subjecting them to be the butt of somebody’s joke ????????‍♀️”

“I hate when women bring up other women like why just why ????”

“Very distasteful . No need to bring another woman up .”

“Yeah that jayda line was a tad bit miserable, Ngl ????”

“how jayda get in this”

Walker has yet to respond to Cheaves’ comment. Additionally, Lil Meech has yet to weigh in on his apparent split from Walker. However, his Instagram profile still reflects photos of them together.

Lil Meech & Summer Previously Showed A United Front

As The Shade Room previously reported, Walker and Meech’s relationship appeared to be in good standing in June. At the time, the couple clapped back at Jess Hilarious for referring to Meech as “stinky.”

“She [Summer Walker] going through the pain, and I just hope she don’t give Meech no baby — that’s what happens when you mess with a delly smelly [expletive]. That’s what happens — when they smell, some get a little fishy…”

At the time, Meech also shared words for the comedian. Additionally, the former couple also “exposed” Hilarious’ previous direct messages to the actor.

As The Shade Room previously reported, Walker and Meech were initially seen hanging out together in April before officially confirming their relationship.