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Sean Kleier, an actor, is he dating Isabelle Marie McKay? Actor Relationship Timeline: Wedding Season

American actor Sean Thompson Kleier, better known by his stage name Sean Kleier, has been courted to appear in the 2022 Netflix comedy Wedding Season. The project is still ongoing and filming is currently taking place.

Sean is best known for his roles in the films Julia (2014), She Lights Up Well (2014), Homeward (2014), The Intern (2015), After Party (2017) and Ant-Man and the Wasp Wedding Season ( 2018). Sean also appears in Happyish (2015), Mr. Right (2014–205), and 9-1-1 (2020), where he portrays recurring characters Mikal Bryce and Greg.


In addition, he has made cameos on various TV shows such as Chicago Fire (2019), Younger (2016), Blue Bloods (2018) and Madam Secretary (2014). Sean continues his acting career while also serving as the co-founder of Motiv Creative, a company specializing in media strategy and production.

The actor’s professional life is completely transparent, but his personal life is not. Let’s find out what’s going on in Sean’s personal life in this article.


Sean Kleier and Isabelle Marie McKay are a couple

Sean Kleier is dating Isabelle Marie McKay if you follow Sean’s Instagram account with the login @seankleier. He’s open about his connection to McKay, and based on what Sean’s captions suggest, we may hear news about their wedding soon.

Doctor by profession, Isabelle. She received her bachelor’s degree in 2009 from Vanderbilt University. After completing a master’s degree in science from Barry University, Isabelle went to the University of Miami to pursue a second master’s degree in public health. The dual masters graduate expanded her list of academic accomplishments in 2018 with her MD degree from Tulane University School of Medicine. She currently works as a resident at Maimonides Medical Center.


Sean is happy with all of Isabelle’s accomplishments. He recently praised Isabelle’s career performance on Instagram via his account. He shared a post with the following caption: “A development that took 17 years. Words cannot express how much tenacity, perseverance and determination it took to achieve this”.

Sean Kleier and his doctor friend Isabelle Marie McKay

“I’m incredibly proud of you and can’t wait to see what you achieve next. Your skills are in demand now more than ever,” Sean added.


More specifically, the actor’s latest wedding-season Instagram photo shows him enjoying a romantic day in Chicago with Isabelle. The picture shows the two wrestling. People also suspect the two may have gotten engaged because the caption, “Come on, what’s next,” appears next to the photo.

Relationships Sean Kleier has had in the past

Sean is 35 years old and since he and Isabelle have only been dating for a short time, it is likely that he has had a number of previous relationships.


Due to his celebrity status, Sean is well liked by many. He’s been dating Isabelle for a few years now, so let’s double check if he’s already met someone he loves. We can’t definitively determine if Sean has ever been in another relationship.

It’s only normal to assume that he might have had a few relationships in the past that didn’t last. However, none of this has come out as Sean never spoke about it. He had never dated anyone before Isabelle, so he couldn’t talk about it. However, since we do not know the truth, we can only make speculative guesses in this situation.


Nationality of Sean Kleier’s parents

Since Sean is an American citizen, there’s a good chance his parents are, too. Not much is known about his parents.

Sean Kleier with his father, his mother Pam, his brother Ryan and his girlfriend Isabelle


Pam Kleier, who goes by the name @camppampy on Instagram, is Sean’s mother. According to her Instagram page, she seems to enjoy being outside and in nature. The identity of his father remains unknown. Although he’s not on Instagram, he can be seen in some of Sean’s pictures there. Sean’s parents attended Isabelle’s academic ceremony and were pleased with her accomplishments.

Sean’s family has no children. Ryan Kleier is his brother’s name.