Olivier Rousteing Burn Accident: What Is Wrong With His Face? Health 2023

The fashion world was shocked by the news of Olivier Rousteing burn accident that happened in 2020.

Olivier Rousteing is a name that needs no introduction in the fashion world. The French fashion designer is known for his exceptional skills and talents.

Rousteing is currently serving as the creative director of Balmain, a French luxury fashion house founded in 1945 by Pierre Balmain.

The Bordeaux native has been active in teh fashion industry for two decades. During this time, he has faced his share of ups and downs in his career and personal life.

The burn accident was one of the biggest challenges he faced in his life. The fashion designer kept the accident secrete for a long time and only opened up about it after healing from injuries.

In today’s article, let’s take a detailed look at the designer’s burn accident and find out what’s wrong with his face.

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Olivier Rousteing Burn Accident

Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing revealed that he sustained severe injuries in a fireplace explosion at his home in Paris on 10 October 2020.

Olivier Rousteing Burn Accident
Olivier Rousteing suffered serious burns on his body during the burn accident that happened in October 2020. (Image Source: Fashion Network)

The fashion designer shared his story and gratitude for the medical staff who treated him through Instagram on 10 October 2021, exactly a year after the accident.

Explaining the situation, Rousteing stated that he was sitting by the fireplace when it suddenly exploded, engulfing him in flames.

He said he ran and jumped into his basement pool to extinguish the fire and was rushed to the hospital soon after.

The French designer reportedly suffered severe burns on his face, neck, chest and arms and underwent several surgeries and skin grafts to heal his wounds.

Olivier hid his scars with bandages, clothes, mask and accessories for a long time and did not tell anyone about his accident.

What Is Wrong With Olivier Rousteing Face?

As mentioned above,t Olivier Rousteing suffered server runs in his face, neck, arms and chest following the 2020 burn accident.

He is completely healed now, and there is nothing wrong with his face. But while revealing the shocking accident, Rousteig stated that he was ashamed of his appearance and felt insecure about fashion’s obsession with perfection.

Olivier Rousteing Burn Accident
Olivier Rousteing has completely healed from the burn injuries. (Image Source: Page Six)

The talented fashion designer hid his scars with multiple accessories and cloth. While recovering from the injuries, he focused on his work and created his collections.

Finally, a year after the accident, the Balmain creative director decided to share his story and his gratitude for the medical staff who treated him.

He said he was healed, happy and healthy and that one of his shows celebrated his rebirth. The designer went on to thank his fans and friends for their support and love and said he felt free, good and lucky.

He said he was beginning a new chapter with a smile on his face and a heart full of gratitude.

Rousteing received a lot of support and admiration from his celebrity friends and fans, who commented on his Instagram post.

They called him an inspiration, a warrior, a legend, and a beautiful soul.

Olivier Rousteing Health 2023

Olivier Rousteing is doing well in 2023. He has healed from the burns completely.

Thus, he doesn’t have any health issues. At least there has been no official report in regard.

With the beginning of the new chapter of his life, the designer also showcased more creativity, courage, strength, resilience, and creativity.

We wish the talented fashion designer and the creative director of the French luxury house Olivier Rousteing a more prosperous and happier life in the coming days.

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