Nigerians Suffering, Revolution Ahead – Prophet Olujobi Warns Tinubu


A warning has been sent to President Bola Tinubu by Prophet Bisi Olujobi of the Wisdom Church of Christ International.


He warned President Bola Tinubu that angry Nigerians would revolt against his government anytime soon.


He said the suffering Nigerian masses would soon get on the street to protest against the government and this could ground the nation totally.


In a statement he made available to DAILY POST on Monday, he admonished Nigerians to “start praying for the country to avert anarchy as it sinking as a result of suffering.”


DAILY POST recalls that Prophet Olujobi had before the election prophesied that Tinubu would emerge President, but there would be enormous challenges that would plunge Nigeria into chaos due to policies that would further impoverish the people and increase their hardship more than what happened under President Muhammadu Buhari.


He lamented on Monday that, “Citizens could hardly feed themselves as a result of demonic policies of past leaders and there again, you (Tinubu) came with other policies that will finally set the country ablaze.”


He charged the President to look deeply and refrain from taking ill advice from his advisers, whom he accused of “dishing out strange economic advice” to Tinubu “as they do not love Nigeria and rather taking advantage of his ill health which I have always talked about.”


The cleric spoke further that, “Even if Tinubu is to remove fuel subsidy, I believe there must be some palliatives in place to ameliorate the sufferings of the people. Tinubu has several enemies that do not want him to clinch power and are planning to remove him, yet he is dancing to the gallery.”

“I can see the people revolting soon which I early prophesied about, and this may ground Nigeria totally. President Tinubu has the opportunity to rewrite his story with his own hand if he wants to obtain favour before God and man, as God has given him what it takes.”