Niger coup: End foreign military presence in Africa, PeacePro urges EU, ECOWAS 

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Leadership of African Union and Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) have been  called upon to make it a mission to end presence of foreign military forces in the continent within the next 24 months.

A peace-building think tank, Foundation for Peace Professionals, also known as PeacePro , made the call in a statement by its executive director, Mr Abdulrazaq Hamzat.

While condemning the latest coup in Niger Republic, the foundation argued that coup has never been a solution to insecurity in the continent, neither is it capable of bringing economic prosperity.

Hamzat said military coup in the sub-region often enjoy initial public support because of the presence of foreign military forces that is blamed for the sustained and prolonged insecurity, especially in the Francophone region.

Hamzat said, “The recent coup in Niger Republic and the initial public excitement it generated in the country might be a temporary feeling, but it is also an indication that the people of the country do not have sufficient evidence that their democratically government is acting as an independent authority, devoid of foreign pressure and influence.

“Investigation amongst the people of Niger Republic indicates that they want closer ties with Mali and Burkina Faso, all Francophone countries united in a mission to send foreign military forces out of their countries.”

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