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Naked and Afraid spin-off is filmed near famous and deserted spacecraft cemetery

Naked and Afraid Castaways 2023 location is set on a tropical island without additional tools, maps, or other aids. So where is Naked and Afraid Castaways filmed? Its location is a spacecraft cemetery…

The nine cast members will be split into teams of three and swim to different ecosystems – sun-scorched beach, twisted mangrove swamp, and dense jungle – on the same island to begin their journeys. The ultimate goal is to finish at the same extraction point on day 21 to signal a boat for rescue. We looked inside the filming location.

Two naked people swim in wide open sea, mountains and sky in background.
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Where is Naked and Afraid Castaways filmed?

Naked and Afraid: Castaways is filmed on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle. The participants were dropped off on a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean with no maps, tools, weapons or clothes.

Miles away from civilization for 21 days, those taking part were dropped off directly in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean where sharks, crocodiles and snakes live on a completely deserted island.

To survive, they must scavenge the island for wreckage and debris to create fire and find food. The middle of the South Pacific Ocean is known for being the ocean’s most remote spot, 1,000 miles from land in any direction.

Filming location is a spacecraft cemetery

The Naked and Afraid Castaways 2023 location is the most remote on earth. Known as the oceanic pole of inaccessibility, contestants would have to be picked up via helicopter if anyone were to spot them from the real world.

While the entirety of the Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest of Earth’s five oceanic divisions, it is the middle section – where the contestants were dropped off to fend for themselves – that is the most famous for its remoteness.

It lies 1,670 miles (2,688 kilometers) from a trio of land dots: Ducie Island to the north, an uninhabited atoll in the Pitcairn Islands; and Motu Nui to the northeast, a tiny islet off Easter Island, which is off the coast of Chile.

Main filming place for Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid has filmed in all continents except for Antarctica. The most recent series was located in northern New Mexico wilderness, Albuquerque, but the production’s home base is in the United States, mainly Atchafalaya Basin.

Louisiana Bayou, Florida, and Alabama are all locations that the filming crew have set up camp in. The most recent spin-off, Last Man Standing, was actually held in South Africa’s Oribi Gorge.

Naked and Afraid XL has been filmed in the Rocky Mountains in Montana. Contestants are provided with rough cross-body satchels containing a personal diary and camera for use when the camera crew is not there at night, and a map.


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