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Melayu on Twitter, TikTok and popular channel Nusantara Telegram

In fact, Nusantara Telegram’s video announcement is trending on social media right now.

Social media was recently stunned by the Budak Uitm Nusantara Telegram Link, which also created some very real fears among online users.


It’s not just one or two people who are interested in Nusantara’s explanation of Telegram Link; There are hundreds if not millions of people who want to know about this scenario.

A viral video from Nusantara Telegram was sent to Twitter and TikTok

Nusantara Telegram is currently creating a lot of buzz in online media and social media, especially on Twitter, and as a result, it is being talked about a lot everywhere.


The widespread news of this Twitter issue has again taken social media by surprise, as evidenced by the successfully published video.

In fact, the well-known video became popular and quickly rose to the top of Google searches, especially now that searches on Twitter are limited to announcements or hashtags.


Response to the Nusantara Telegram video on Reddit

Reddit users react to a video first shared on Telegram and use it to make amusing messages across all social media platforms.

Those of you interested in this trending topic can hear how the conversation we’re presenting came to be thanks to the announcement currently trending on Twitter and the entire Reddit review.


Nusantara Slaves Links Telegram Links Slaves Nusantara Telegram Uitm Twitter is currently generating a lot of interest because it is such a popular keyword on social networking sites.

Why did the video go viral on social media so quickly?

Video marketing is one of the most fascinating facets of the internet. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. The best elements of other digital media are combined in videos that combine both audio and visual elements in a format that is highly shareable. As a result, Nusantara often takes the internet by storm and gains tremendous popularity.


Perhaps the easiest way to tell if a video has truly gone viral is to use offline methods. If the same video is being discussed by your friends, family and co-workers, you can conclude that it has gone viral.

Even better if these people seemed to fall into different age groups and have different interests. In this case, the film really connected with us, rather than just catering to the interests of a specific group of people.