Matante Alex Controversy And Allegations: Drama And Abuse Case

Matante Alex Controversy continues as people persistently inquire about the alleged abusive actions attributed to the well-known Drag Queen.

Matante Alex, whose real name is Alexandre Gemme, is a prominent Montreal drag queen.

She is known for performing at the renowned Cabaret Mado and having previously participated in auditions for La Voix.

However, her reputation has been marred by public allegations of aggression and harassment, causing significant repercussions in the Quebec drag scene.

Several individuals have accused Matante Alex of physical assault and transphobia, which has led to a controversial situation.

In response to these accusations, Alex has taken legal action and filed a suit against three people, including two other drag queens named Denim Pussy and Kiara.

According to Matante Alex, she considers herself the victim of a “smear campaign” orchestrated by Denim Pussy and Kiara.

These accusations and counter-accusations have sparked heated discussions and debates within the local drag community.

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Matante Alex Controversy: Drama And Abuse Case

In November, several serious controversies surfaced concerning Matante Alex, with multiple individuals coming forward to share their experiences.

The first to speak out was Denim Pussy, a Montreal drag queen, who detailed her relationship with Matante Alex from November 2019 to December 2020.

In a post on Twitter and Instagram, Denim accused Alex of displaying transphobic behavior towards her and one of her trans roommates while living together.

Matante Alex Controversy
Denim Pussy shared her allegation against Matante Alex on social media (Source: Reddit)

Additionally, she claimed to have been a victim of physical violence at the hands of Alexandre Gemme (Matante Alex’s real name).

Soon after, Kiara, another drag queen who previously dated Alexandre Gemme from May 2018 to December 2018, shared her allegations against Matante Alex.

In her post, Kiara accused Matante Alex of manipulation, abuse, and psychological harassment during their relationship in the year 2020.

Kiara disclosed the impact of the alleged abuse on her mental health and expressed remorse for not intervening when she witnessed the physical assault against Denim.

What Are Matante Alex Allegations?

Matante Alex is a drag performer from French Canada, also known as a contestant in the inaugural season of Queen of the Universe.

The allegations against Matante Alex included accusations of transphobic behavior, physical violence, manipulation, abuse, and psychological harassment.

Following these revelations, Daphnée Schryve, a non-binary artist ARTSY, accused Gemme of being a transphobic abuser and bully on her Instagram account.

Daphnée Schryve called for Matante Alex’s disqualification from the show Queens of the Universe.

As a result, Gemme initiated a defamation lawsuit, targeting three individuals, including Denim Pussy and Kiara.

Matante Alex Controversy
Despite the severe allegations made, Alex has denied the accusations made by Denim Pussy and Kiara (Source: Twitter)

Alex refutes all the accusations and filed libel lawsuits after a failed attempt to mediate a meeting with Denim Pussy and Kiara.

Nevertheless, the Superior Court rejected his request for a provisional interlocutory injunction on Tuesday, according to defenders’ attorney Maryse Lapointe in Métro.

Alexandre Gemme is seeking $60,000 in moral, material, and punitive damages and an additional $20,000 for legal and extrajudicial expenses.

In the aftermath of these allegations, at least two more individuals shared their experiences of abuse with Matante Alex through ephemeral posts on Instagram.

The denunciations spread widely in the LGBTQ+ community, especially in the drag scene, igniting discussions and raising concerns about Matante’s behavior.

Despite the ongoing controversy, Matante remains actively involved in her career.

She is currently part of the TV show Queen of the Universe, a singing competition that will be broadcast internationally on December 2.

The allegations and legal proceedings have undoubtedly cast a shadow over Alex’s participation in the show and her overall reputation as a drag performer.

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