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Love Island episode missing from Hulu and US viewers are utterly confused

Episode 57 of Love Island is missing from Hulu and fans are confused. US-based viewers have noticed that Love Island UK season 10 episode 57 was not uploaded to the platform, despite subscribers waiting patiently. So, where is the 57th episode? Why is it AWOL?

Love Island season 10 has been wild. First of all, it was as far along as episode 57 and islanders had only just started to develop strong connections. However, a missing episode on Hulu has sent fans into meltdown. Here’s why.

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Where is episode 57 of Love Island on Hulu?

Episode 57 is reportedly missing from Hulu. However, episode 58 has been uploaded to the platform, leaving subscribers completely confused about where the former episode has gone.

The reason behind the missing episode is believed to be down to Hulu having trouble with subtitles, meaning they cannot upload more episodes until they figure out the issue.

Hulu confirmed to Coming Soon that the episodes have been delayed to “issues with caption deliveries.” Hulu is “working hard to get the new episodes up as soon as possible.”

Missing episode sends fans wild

When Love Island episode 57, which features the talent show performances, was not uploaded to Hulu, viewers began to take to social media, with some even starting a Reddit thread to share their thoughts.

One fan wrote on Reddit: “Now episode 57 is not there but they have 58 and 59 coming soon. I want to watch 57 talent show night! It’s frustrating ???? I hope they fix it soon!”

Another penned: “Also just noticed this! Was really looking forward to watching the new eps. Hoping it’s fixed soon…”

“It’s still not up. It skipped from family day to Abi wearing clown makeup for no reason,” penned a fan on July 30.

Subscribers figure out episode hack

A Reddit thread dedicated to the missing Love Island episode saw a fan reveal a hack. They wrote: “So I found a hack. It’s not listed in episodes but I fast-forwarded through 56 and it said to watch the next episode and 57 started!”

Several users have turned to Daily Motion to watch the episode, which states that Hulu’s episode 57 is the same as episode 50 on their platform. In the UK, the episode numbers are different, as episode 57 is the penultimate episode.

To watch Love Island on Hulu you only need its on-demand plans, starting from $7.99 a month or $14.99 a month to ditch commercials. You can also sign up to a streaming-friendly service like ExpressVPN and watch it on ITVX.

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