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Love Island Casa Amor star in running to win after Sanam's breakthrough

Casa Amor contestants always shake up the villa and Love Island’s Lochan Nowacki is the only one left. However, the history of Love Island’s Casa Amor winners shows the probability of a bombshell who entered at Casa Amor is low. So, has someone from Casa Amor ever won? The Love Island winner for 2023 is announced tonight.

Whitney and Lochan were voted the villa’s 2023 favorite couple, meaning they had to send home Kady and Ouzy and save Ella B and Mitch. The only Casa Amor star left in the current season is Lochan. He’s now in the running to be crowned the Love Island winner. We’ve looked at all the Casa Amor Love Island winners from the past, if any.

Lochan smiles with black gown over body, Tyrique in background lies down.
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Has someone from Casa Amor ever won Love Island?

Yes, but only once. Sanam Harrinanan became the first Casa Amor star to win Love Island with Kai Fagan, which was a historic moment for the ITV2 dating show. They were crowned first place in Winter Love Island in March 2023.

Ahead of the Love Island 2023 final, there is just one Casa Amor star left, and that’s Lochan. He was voted the favorite couple with Whitney earlier in the series, but the two were at risk of being dumped from the island in July 30’s episode.

If Lochan does win, he will be the second Casa Amor star to win Love Island and the first Casa Amor male to do so. Betfair states that Lochan and Whitney remain clear favorites to bag the win at the bookies.

Whitney and Lochan in running to win

Lochan Nowacki and Whitney Adebayo’s odds to win Love Island at Betfair are at 1/2. They are one of four couples in the 2023 final, alongside Tyrique and Ella, Zachariah and Molly, and Jess and Sammy.

Bets for Love Island Top Male also puts Lochan as the favorite, at odds of 1/2, while his partner Whitney, who came in as a bombshell and was previously coupled up with Mehdi, is also top for Love Island Top Female at 1/2.

The couple has had a smooth-sailing romance since they met in Casa Amor. Whitney chose to bring Lochan back, and the two have since made things exclusive, with her telling him he is “everything she asked for.”

Where only Casa Amor winner is now

Sanam, the Love Island winner for 2023 in winter, is still in a relationship with Kai. The two recently revealed they are moving in together, as of July 2023, and appeared on Love Island: Aftersun to share the big relationship milestone.

They also admitted to having a conversation about potential baby names for their future children. After winning season 9 with Kai as a Casa Amor bombshell in March 2023, the two have gone from strength to strength.

Sanam and Kai enjoyed their first concert together in June, which was Beyonce’s Renaissance tour. The two also went to the Pride of Britain Manchester awards and even did Zip World arm-in-arm!


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