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Local church lends a helping hand to Mamelodi school

Sunday at Evangelical Presbyterian Church in SA, a Mamelodi East parish brought smiles to less privileged children.

The church held a successful outreach project for N’wavangani primary school learners in Mamelodi East, section 17 and its church members.

Rirhandzu Mayayise of the church said the learners received school uniforms and clothes.

She said more than 40 learners were identified by their teachers.

This was not the first time they assisted the school.

“We have partnered with the school since our first visit and wherever we get funds, we start from where we left off the last time,” said Mayayise.

She said the outreach was a success because the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and the SA Women’s Guild initiative allocated certain funds to the Mamelodi parish as part of this year’s beneficiaries to do community work.

The Sunday school at the church and a company called Genesis Corporate Solutions owned by a church member also played their role by donating to the project.

“The needs are many in our different communities and we have helped the school with belts, school uniforms and beanies,” she said.

“Sunday school children had been giving back to the school for years including the church. The children donate money and we buy gifts for the learners for Christmas, Easter weekend including winter.”

The identified learners received mostly winter school uniforms to keep warm in the cold weather.

“We teach our children at the church that if you have the hand of a giver, God will always make sure your hand is always crossed. Through your hand, it will reach the hand of the poor.

“Our hands are forever open to the poor.”

A parent, Hilda Sithole said she appreciates what the church has bought for her child.

She said the generous donations came at a time when it was needed.

“The church should continue blessing the needy and God will bless those who give a helping hand.”

Sithole said the church gave its time to make the day a success.

“This will go a long way in helping our children.”

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