Ladies Gang Up To Beat Young Woman Who Used Their ‘Contribution Money’ to Buy iPhone 13 (Video)


A young lady has been taught a serious lesson after using contribution money to buy iPhone 13.


She was accosted by a group of ladies and given the beating of her life.


A video of the victims attacking the lady has now gone viral online.



See reaction and watch video below:


@Obinna2 commented; “This is so wrong. You can’t just beat someone for something like this. You need to go to the police if you think a crime has been committed.”


@AdirebyTee wrote; “I feel so sorry for the victim. Nobody deserves to be treated like this.”


@야만적인 reacted: “Leave her expensive bag na.”


@Ayo said: “I like as nobody separate them.”


@Empress reacted: “How una take dey find una self for this kind situation?”