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is she christian Why does the TikTok Star ignite criticism?

Addison Rae: Is she a Christian? Why does the TikTok Star ignite criticism?

Addison Rae sees a lot of hate on social media after working with Adidas. The popular TikTok user’s Instagram post featured Praying’s Holy Trinity Bikini. The swimwear has been criticized by netizens for flouting Christianity.


The “He’s All That” actress wore the $100 bikini top with the words “dad” on one side and “son” on the other in an Instagram post on Tuesday, Aug. 3. The bikini top was the only part of it that was shown on social media. “Holy Spirit” is written on the bottom of the swimsuit.

While 21-year-old Addison’s famous friends poked fun at her picture, with Tate McRae saying, “Oh my God, Addison,” and Mark Hunter, aka “The Cobrasnake,” writing, “Homerun,” others criticized the swimsuit and the social media star for supporting the brand.


On Wednesday, the Christian TikToker removed the Instagram post.

Reactions from online users to Addison Rae’s Instagram photo

The duet didn’t get much praise online. Rae was criticized online for representing the brand and the influencer received a lot of criticism for wearing the swimsuit. Many people were upset with the cult-favorite company for making the derogatory bikini about Christianity.


Adidas made a wise decision in selecting Addison Rae to market the Praying collection because they understood that a riot would ultimately increase sales and awareness.

God isn’t real, so I wish Addison wouldn’t be criticized.


@whoisaddison @adidas @naomii okk Making fun of any other religion is unacceptable but when it comes to Christianity people do these crazy things.

@helIoaddison what the heck is going on here?


@WhoIsAddison @StreetFashion01 @adidas Is there no disrespect shown here?

I was disgusted to see Addison Rae’s lewd adidas-sponsored swimsuit that mocked Christianity after I had just finished my back-to-school shopping at the adidas outlet. Enough!


Ethnicity of Addison Rae

Though the Louisian native identifies as Christian, the acceptance of corporate sponsorship didn’t seem to upset the Obsessed singer. Rae attended Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling, Rae’s parents, were devout Christians. Along with their three children, Addison, Lucas, and Enzo, all parents participated in the religion.


Although online sites claim that the singer-actress was raised in a Christian home, Rae has never before mentioned that she is an open practitioner of her faith.

Rae isn’t the only notable person to have worn the iconic Adidas bikini. Recently, Christina Aguilera posted a photo on Instagram while wearing a bikini that read “Père”, “Fils” and “Esprit Saint” in French. A religious experience, the singer captioned the video.


Monty Lopez, Addison Rae’s father, seduces Sheri Easterling

While Addison Rae continues to be the hot topic on the internet, her family has also been in the news. Monty Lopez, Rae’s father, has been accused of cheating on his wife with influencer Renée Ash, 25. The two were apparently together for five months.

Ash claimed that in an exclusive interview with Page Six, she was tricked into believing that she and Lopez were in a committed relationship. The couple visited Ibiza when they were together and they discussed starting a family there.


Ash expressed regret to Rae’s family over her having an affair with Lopez in the bombshell article. She expressed:

“I am very sorry if anything I said resulted in him causing more harm to his family than he has already done. And I’m sorry he hurt me so much because I thought we were in love.

In addition, the influencer explained in the interview:

“Neither Addison and Sheri nor the other girls he disrespected deserve this. I hope sharing my experience draws attention to a man who has abused his position of authority for far too long.


Does Addison Rae have an audition for Stranger Things? Fans are in an uproar after a viral claim

Addison Rae’s mom, Sheri Easterling, changed her relationship status to “single mom” on Instagram after rumors of an affair with Monty Lopez.

Monty Lopez was also accused of making video calls at a bar and groping a young woman’s genitals.


Sheri Easterling and Addison Rae unfollowed Lopez on Instagram after that.