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Is Jho Rovero Suffering From Heavenly Hypoxia? Andrew Schimmer’s wife’s current health status

Andrew Schimmer’s stunning wife, Jhon Rovero, has been battling brain hypoxia for the past few months.

Actor Andrew Schimmer was born on June 10, 1986 in Manila. His wife suffers from cerebral hypoxia and is currently being treated in hospital.


When the brain does not get enough oxygen, cerebral hypoxia results. To function properly, the brain requires a constant supply of nutrients and oxygen. The hemispheres, which make up the largest part of the brain, are affected by this disease.

Given the current circumstances, Andrew’s supporters are worried about Jho Rovero. More than three weeks have passed since the start of treatment.


Also, Rovero spent her birthday in a hospital bed this year as Andrew shared beautiful photos of them sending her a heartfelt birthday card and wishing her a speedy recovery. People’s hearts were warmed by Andrew’s love for his wife.

Find out more about Jho Rovero’s condition of cerebral hypoxia and the latest updates on her health.


Jho Rovero: Is his brain hypoxic?

Jho Rovero, the stunning wife of Andrew Schimmer, suffers from cerebral hypoxia.

Jho Rovero was taken to hospital for treatment


Jho Rovero was struck with brain hypoxia in November 2021. Jho is in a terrible condition which is why her hospital video has gone viral on the internet, tearing hundreds of people apart. Everyone is hoping for a speedy recovery from Andrew’s wife.

Andrew was devastated by John’s illness and condition as he adores her and wants her to get better. Moreover, he broke everyone’s heart with his impassioned pleadings on social media that people have been spreading.


However, he has to pay for her wife’s hospital medical expenses as the cost of her care has skyrocketed in recent weeks. Many others help by making financial contributions to cover their medical expenses.

Where is she now, Jho Rovero?

Jho Rovero is now receiving therapy for the condition known as cerebral hypoxia.
Jho has been receiving treatment at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Bonifacio Global City’s Emergency Department for more than three weeks. Rovero suffered a severe asthma attack that left his brain hypoxic and caused heart failure.


Andrew was separated from Jho by his illness and infection, but he was confident that Jho would overcome his illness. Fans of Andrew hope for a speedy recovery from this disease.

In addition, cerebral hypoxia can result from accidents, heart attacks, and strokes that deprive the brain of oxygen. A medical emergency known as cerebral hypoxia can result in permanent brain damage.


Jho Rocero Health Update: Is She In Hospital?

Jho Rocero is admitted to the intensive care unit at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Bonifacio City.
This medical problem developed after she had a severe asthma attack, cardiac arrest, and cerebral hypoxia. When his wife requested admission to the ICU, Andrew lost it.

In addition, Andrew has asked his fans and other celebrities for financial support to help pay for his wife’s medical expenses. He announced that the cost of his wife’s medical care had practically tripled to 3,000,000 pesetas.


We hope Rocero recovers soon and wish her a speedy recovery.