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In which city was it filmed on Easter Sunday?


The family in Jay Chandrasekhar’s Easter Sunday film is a complete wreck. Joe Valencia, a struggling comedian and actor, is visiting his birthplace on Easter Sunday to visit his large and quarrelsome family and old friends. The film offers a closer look at the Filipino diaspora and its diverse cultural ties as Joe’s mother struggles with his wife. Although stand-up comedian and actor Jo Koy’s real-life experiences served as inspiration for the film, it is believed to be the first studio production to do so. Most of the film takes place in the suburbs, with Joe’s house, the church, and the mall serving as important starting points. However, you must be wondering where the film was filmed. If the question bothers you, let’s look up the locations.

Locations for filming on Easter Sunday

“Easter Sunday” was filmed in and around British Columbia, mainly Vancouver. Beginning May 3, 2021, principal filming was completed by June 18, 2021. Most of the film’s cinematography was done by Joe Collins, who also worked on Super Troopers 2 and Ugly Betty. In contrast, Michael Joy, the renowned production designer on “Scanners” and “Alice,” joined the team to take on the job on the film. The production team’s decision to shoot in British Columbia was logistically correct, as it had been for some time. The government’s exciting tax incentives are the main cause of the boom in the Lower Mainland’s local film industry. Persistent cloud cover in Metro Vancouver and adjacent areas also makes it easier for production executives to control lighting. Now let’s get to the actual locations where the film was shot.


Vancouver in British Columbia

The film honors Filipino-American culture and is set in Daly City, California. However, the film crew discovered richer pastures to the north. The majority of the film was shot in and around Vancouver, a renowned cosmopolitan port city on the westernmost tip of British Columbia’s peninsula. As well as being a business hub, Vancouver offers a sophisticated cultural fusion with highlights such as totem poles and art galleries built by indigenous people. The director and his crew made an extensive tour of the city, filming both in the residential areas and downtown. Chandrasekhar visited virtually every Filipino restaurant in town because of the film’s emphasis on Filipino culture. The importance of food in Filipino culture made the dining table scenario indispensable. However, most of the production features remain hidden.