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Hepatitis awareness campaign for George Mukhari hospital staff

In recognition of hepatitis awareness week, the occupational and safety unit at Dr George Mukhari academic hospital in Ga-Rankuwa held an awareness campaign for its health workers.

The campaign included information sharing through which the staff distributed pamphlets to patients about screening and vaccination of the disease.

George Mukhari occupational nurse practitioner Sister Paulina Mokhutsoane said the hospital will commemorate World Hepatitis Day on July 28.

“Dr George Mukhari hospital is big and a challenge because not everyone knows about the disease.

“The awareness campaign is from Monday, July 24 to Friday, July 28 so we can cover all employees,” she said.

Mokhutsoane said Dr George Mukhari healthcare employees have contracted the disease because they handling blood daily.

“Our health workers are at risk because every day they handle blood and needles, as in most cases they get the disease from being pricked,” she said.

Mokhutsoane encouraged employees to get screened for hepatitis saying it will help identify those who may be carrying the virus without knowing, and allow them to seek appropriate medical care and treatment.

Hepatitis awareness campaign at Dr George Mukhari Academic hospital.
Photo: Facebook

Health workers and residents are urged to make use of the following tips to prevent hepatitis disease:

– Do not share needles: Avoid contact with blood, health workers should always make sure they wear their protective gear such as gloves, masks and scrubs.

– Use your own grooming gear, avoid using someone else’s toothbrush, razor or nail clipper.

– Research your tattoo parlour: before getting a tattoo, residents are urged to check with their local health department to confirm if the parlour is licensed.

– Use bottled water for brushing teeth in high-risk areas.

– Wash your hands regularly.

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