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Hanna Hilsdorf Wiki: Is She Dating Anyone? Actress Age And Net Worth Explore

Hanna Hilsdorf is a German actress best known for her role as Amalia in Netflix’s The Empress (2022). Devrim Lingnau plays Empress Elisabeth of Austria in The Empress, a 2022 historical drama series based on her life. Philip Froissant plays Emperor Franz Joseph. On September 29, 2022, the series will be available on Netflix. She has been a member of the Burgtheater ensemble since the 2020/2021 season. Hanna’s most notable roles were Smile (2019), Freies Land (2019), and In the Fade (2017).

Who Is Hanna Hilsdorf, the Empress? Wikipedia and the Age

Hanna Hilsdorf was born on April 19, 1993, in Berlin, Germany. She will be 29 years old in September 2022. The actress was born under the sign of Aries. In terms of physical features, the actress stands 5 feet 412 inches tall and has blue-green eyes. She has a slim build and blonde hair. The actress is a pianist and guitarist. She is bilingual (English and French). Her main hobbies are dancesport, horseback riding, and rifle shooting.

Hanna attended the University of the Arts in her hometown from 2013 to 2017 after graduating from high school in 2012. She attended the Volksbühne and the local Deutsches Theater, where she played Kaja Fossil in Frank Castorf’s production of Henrik Ibsen’s Baumeister Solness. Hilsdorf had a successful debut as Edda Möller in Fatih Akin’s feature film Out of Nothing, which won several awards in 2017 and 2018, including the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The German actress now lives in Berlin.

Hanna Hilsdorf Boyfriend: Is She Currently Dating?

Hanna Hilsdorf will most likely be unmarried in September 2022. She has been silent about her current romantic status. On social media, the German actress has made no mention of a partner. The actress is not currently dating anybody. She has never been married and has never been engaged. Hilsdorf has never walked the red carpet or been photographed with a celebrity.

Any connection between the actress and any of her co-stars has never been revealed or speculated. As a result, we may conclude that she is committed to her professional work and has no time for relationships. Hilsdorf, on the other hand, looks to be a career-focused personality who is more concerned with constructing her own life and preparing herself for personal growth and development via her acting profession.

Hanna Hilsdorf Net Worth

The actual net worth of actress Hanna Hilsdorf is unknown. German actors, on the other hand, earn an average gross pay of 69.869 euros per year, or 34 euros per hour. They also earn an average bonus of 2.145 euros. The average starting salary for a new actor (with 1-3 years of experience) is €49.613. Senior-level actors (8+ years of experience) earn an average of 86.503 euros.

Hanna Hilsdorf

Hanna’s performances in Smile (2019), Freies Land (2019), and In the Fade (2017) have received the greatest notice in her career. She portrayed Bella in Steffen Köhn’s 2019 film Smile, about an impressionable and lonely 18-year-old called Mercedes who goes for the first time to the famous techno festival “Heimat.” She desires passion, joy, and connection beyond everything else. Instead, she encountered the abysses of this ostensibly flawless world. Finally, Mercedes feels that there is no other alternative except to resort to violence.

She played Zoe in the 2019 film Freies Land, directed by Christian Alvart. The plot centers on two police officers investigating the disappearance of two adolescent girls in a tiny community where it seems that everyone, even the dead, has something to hide. In Fatih Akin’s 2017 film “In the Fade,” she portrayed Edda Möller. The narrative revolves on Katja, whose life implodes when a bomb kills her children and husband. Katja wants vengeance after a time of injustice and grief.