Google introduces ‘Unknown Tracker Alert’ feature for Android

In this article, we will explore the Unknown Tracker Alert feature for Android. What is this feature and how will it works and why it needs people? You will get complete details and information about this feature whose name is Unknown tracker detected so scroll down the page and continue to read the article until the end.

Unknown Tracker Alert

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Here’s what you need to know

Bluetooth trackers like AirTags and Tiles are often used to track or find lost items and several have used them for stalking other people and committing crimes like planned car theft.

Android’s unknown tracker alerts help protect you against unwanted tracking. Your phone can automatically notify you detects an unfamiliar tracking device moving with you and locate them with ease. All the while your location and information remain on your device secure.

Unknown Tracker Alert

Small Bluetooth tracker tags can help you to misplace things like wallets, purses, keys and smartwatches etc. but they can be used in the wrong way by others and also track your location without your consent which poses your personal safety in danger then you will alert the Unknown detector without and get notification on your phone if it was unfamiliar.

Android 6 which is in the device will detect automatically the unfamiliar detected and then notify you of unknowing tags moving with you that have been separated from their owner so you can take any action to stay safe. The location can be detected by the ringing bell as a play sound option which will be forced to play sound without notifying the owner.

If you want more details, just tap on the notification and you will be able to see the location on a map which shows when the tracker started following them. you have to set settings in your phone heading over to the safety and Emergency section and tapping on Unknown trackers alerts.

Google is working on an improved ‘Find My Device’ network which will help you to find lost items even when they are offline also. Google announced earlier this year that they are working with Apple on a new safety feature called Unknown Trackers Alerts so users about unwanted Bluetooth trackers travelling with them.