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Elderly woman exercises to solve her health problems

Exercising has helped a 68-year-old woman, Catherine Mathebe solve her problems of suffering from arthritis and taking too many high Blood Pressure (BP) medications.

“Before starting to exercise on August 11, 2016, I was taking a lot of medication for my illnesses and had body pains every day,” Mathebe told Rekord.

She said although she was too dependent on pills, they were not adequately solving her problems as some caused more problems in terms of side effects such as ulcers.

Failing to find proper solutions to her problems put her in a situation where she had to change several doctors in a quest to find a lasting solution to her pains, among other things.

“Some doctors had even suggested that I should go for an operation.”

The problems she had to cope with due to her illnesses came to an end after she began exercising.

“Exercising is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy,” she said.

“I had seen the power of exercising in my life.

“Now I do not take medication for arthritis and only take one pill a day for high blood pressure because BP is a chronic illness.”

She said exercising was her secret to living a healthy lifestyle and always being in good spirits.

“My only regret is that I started exercising in my early 60s and wish I began it when I was still young and energetic as that would reduce chances of developing high blood pressure.”

Mathebe urged the elderly and the youth in Pretoria to exercise regularly and live a healthy lifestyle to enjoy life.

“I encourage everyone, including the youth and elderly people in the Capital City, to exercise,” Mathebe told Rekord.

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